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I cannot imagine..but I did it!!! Christmas, we did nothing except stay in the hotel room (nowhere to go...all places were closed! Even no tubes or red buses roaming around the city of London =.=') and watching Tvs while plaing cards =.=' and that's lame. Believe me, it's lame. Who would play cards on Christmas day either? It's only us because we had nothing to do!!! But we had a majestic dinner though... an Indian tandoori dinner which costs the four of us 66 pounds altogether!!! =.=' Well, at least the only excuse for us to have our dinner there was the McDonald and even the Peking-Seoul Restaurant was closed. Damn =.=' we would have saved more if the fast food restaurants were on service that day. Screw the holidays! Duhh =.=' now I miss celebrating Christmas with all the beloved ones in Malaysia =.='

New Year? We had a very satisfied dinner...( Ben goreng ayam yg aku perap dengan oyster sauce, white pepper and ckit garam tuu, then I prepared b*** goreng halia with oyster sauce (again???) while Imma prepared Farmhouse style soup (soup peket jekk :P) and Beba msak butterprawn bsalut oat (weyy,low cholestrol udang tuu kena oat XDXD) then karaoke using Youtube (lame...but we enjoyed anyway ;p) then we play cards again (CARDS???Get a life babe!!!) till a quarter to midnight..(yes!!!countdown BBC live internet streaming XD) then suddenly all went quiet. That's Plymouth. Heheh. :D

No life because no loved ones around =.=' lame excuse. No life because still in study mode =.=' another lame excuse. C'mon, get up...get a life. Hahahah. Kidding, anyway. We enjoyed doing it because we cherished every moment we spent together. (hurm?? Lame =.=') But sincerely, I enjoyed doing it anyway XD

Above all, i wuff my life <3
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