aurelia alviana Fedora
I just so love listening to Alex Grant's piano instruments! It's very de soothing...and really lully me to sleep. Whoa! Heheh.. Believe me, I never liked piano instrumentals before. I started to like these kinds of musicales after listening to Kenny G's saxophone instrumentals. Really lully me to sleep, trust me. How I wish my sayang's here to lay beside me and lully me to sleep as well. It's three in the morning and I can't even sleep. Maybe it's because I had been sleeping yesterday until 12 in the afternoon and back to sleep again at 6pm and woke up again at 9?? Have I turn nocturnal??? haiz... I need to do something about this~~

nota kaki: I am not an owl... It's just that I feel like I've turned NOCTURNAL... God, please help me...T.T

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