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Olla peeps.

It's been a while since the last time I put up something on my blog. Let's see...*thinking...thinking...thinking*...and yeap, so far I haven't got any interesting thing that happens to me or anything sizzling hot that I heard I wish I can share with you guys. Really sorry. But yeah, let me think of something...erm, yeap. My life in Kota Kinabalu.

Well, as everyone knows, I've moved back to Kota Kinabalu. For a year, for now, at least. *can't really hide the fact that I still miss Plymouth *sobs!* but whatever* Ohh, did I mention to you guys that I'm not staying in anymore? I'm currently staying off-campus, and let me introduce my new place :) I'm staying at CYBERCITY APARTMENT now...TADAA!!

This is the place. Not my apartment, to be exact, but this is to give you a rough picture of the place where I'm currently staying. Not bad, to be honest. Wake up in the morning with the view of paddy fields and Mount Kinabalu clearly from your bedroom window, what more can you ask? Before I forget, I'm staying with a few other friends as well and three us girls took the master bedroom, which, I have mentioned, displays the view from the window. It's AWESOME!!!

Basically they have almost everything here; the security, labelled car porches, swimming pool, gym, courts, bla bla name it. I'm not really a fan of something that if you want to use it, you'll have to pay. So, I never use the gym *although I had the thoughts once!* and I don't have company to play basketball, so I never use the courts. Whatever my reasons are, don't be influenced by me. You're more than welcome to use the facilities here. LOL. Macam housing agent laa pulak. ahahah~

I'll be busy occupying myself from now onwards. Preparing myself to be a teacher, to be exact. *sila muntah* I'm not ready to be a teacher yet, but if I'm not preparing myself now, when will I ever be ready? Life's tough, but you know that you have to move on. Till then peeps, happy reading!

...genuinely comes from my heart and my brain, not from anywhere else unless stated...
aurelia alviana Fedora
 Hello peeps.

I'm back again :) Now, I'm settling much in KK, back from the good 'ol England (hoping that I wont miss UK too much but only God knows how I really feel at the moment :'( ) Too many stories to be shared here, but I'll try to break them bits by bits, hoping that u guys wont feel bored and sleepy (zzZZzz...) reading this post. Or else, ignore me. Lol.

I was a bit surprised knowing that arranged marriage still exists in the current world. Lol. Ahh well, can't really be bothered. But, the thing is, I can easily ignore this fact if I'm not involved in this matter. Why do I say so? Because I am one of them! Can't believe that this thing happens to me. Dear me. Reading Vina's post on this matter makes me think deep. Why me?? *heavy sigh* Bloody bla bla bla. Ignore me.

Ignore that stuff. Ohh yeah, I welcome me self back to the hot and humid Malaysia, where mosquitoes hunt humans for blood, ur skin darkens as a result of standing too long under the sun, and your favourite pastimes are hanging out at spots where mouth-watering delicacies are available and you eat like no one's watching u. *clap3!!* Yea right. And I'm back to the infamous Gaya, where I dont get my old C44 back, the prices for the food in the cafe is blood-choking, and the facilities...ohh God, I dont have to describe it. You can just imagine yourself. If you can't, dont imagine. You'll lose your apetite. Trust me. Thank God I don't stay in the hostel anymore - I'm renting somewhere outside - and I'm able to cook my own food. Hahah.

Hmm. What else should I say here? I have something on my mind. Can't really put it into words, and this sums up muchly everything I feel at the moment.


I'm tired of waiting.
I'm tired of giving it a try.
I'm tired of everything. When I say everything, I mean...EVERYTHING.

Why waste time waiting for something that's impossible?
Why hope when something is never to be seen from the start?
Why do you let yourself be immersed in the illusion that is supposed to be never exist, even now?

That's it.
I've had enough.
It's time for me to move on.

Thanks for leading me on when you're not there to catch me when I fall.
I just hope you've enjoyed the show.

That's it folks. Till next time, blessed Ramadhan al-Mubarak to all the Muslims out there :)

...genuinely comes from my heart and my brain, not from anywhere else unless stated...