aurelia alviana Fedora
Hooray!! Nw I'm back in my room in the house where I stay for the time being...during my study years in the UK (gosh, I cant believe I have a house now!! Though it's a MARJON Student Village~~) after a week in LOndon. Believe me, I had a glorious week in London (except for the urgh...panoramic scene of the hotel~hey,does that word exist???~and of course...Londonese who thought us as ORIENTALS...yea...of course I'm half ORIENTAL coz my mom's whole day tidying up the room, gayut-ing on the skype ^__^ laundry making, folding the clothes (apart from a break where I strayed away watching Doctor Who and Charmed...hey, nice TV series watch :D...) doing the sudoku and sleep!! But hey! Look at the clock, it's half past one and i'm still WIDE OPEN! @#$%^&*!!!! g0 2 sleep laa babe...u'll need ur energy 2mrw 2 fill the fridges again ^^

yea,truthfully i was tired but i have to admit that i cannot sleep. thinking of crapping about insomnia..the symptoms...the to overcome...but I'll consider the idea of crapping about the ideas someday soon. i need a detailed research (does that word exist in this universe???) so that I wont talk crap again like what I'm doing right now. Yea3...i cant stop crapping...and honestly, I dont even think that I will stop crapping till i'll reconsider the idea of being more serious in a more serious situation (crap...u knw i'll never be more serious in whatever kinda situation ^^)

i think i really need my sleep or else i'll crap more than more Doctor Who at this more Charmed at this everyone!!!sleep tite~~zZzZz...
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