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I was doing my TELC03 assignment when suddenly my stomach growled...for sure, asking for food. Hahah. I hesitated in the beginning, so I drank a hot cuppa coffee. Erm, trust me,it wasn't nice as I expected. I missed Malaysian coffee. Huhu. Or was it the coffee made by people close enough with me and that's why I treasured the memories of drinking coffee when it's only an ORDINARY coffee? Hurraahh!! ^^ Still, my mouth craved for something. Something to chew. Urgh... I need FOOD. Please!!!!

Suddenly Ika (bukan nama sebenar) said her stomach was growling as well, asking for FOOD. Again, I sighed. What did she craved for? BURGER!!!! Simpler food? FRIES!!! Heavier than I expected. I want something light, yet satisfying. Urgh... mind seemed not to function properly now. FOOD, please!!!!

"Kalo Ika habes bwat caimen mlm nih, besok nak mkn Zaytoon..." that was the only thing I heard from Ika. In my mind, I thought of scaring her again using Long Khong (hahahah!!!)Photobucket xpe...tonight I dont think I will disturb anyone's mood. Everyone's giving their best shot to complete the ehem...ehem...what should i say about this assignment? Hectic? Kot..heheh... yea,trust me, almost everyone's in front of the laptop.. typing the commentary plus obviously doing other stuff (e.g. Youtube-ing, Fesbuk-ing, me!! Photobucket's half past 11...and I need to get back to my unfinished task!!! *growl*...erks...hunger strikes again...Photobucket

I walked and walked, reaching for the fridge. Hurraahhh... I can feel the aura of FOOD!!! And as I open the fridge...teheheh...*evil laugh*... I can see...bread and butter!!! And as I continue to type my brilliant idea into my commentary, I munched the bread with the butter spreaded on it...with satisfaction. Yes, and I feel no more hunger. FOOD wins again!!!^^ Photobucket
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