aurelia alviana Fedora
I havent tell anyone about my blog new look, right? Well, I don't have to because...let's just say that I want to keep it to myself. And of course, for my sayang to have a look. Heheh. I never celebrated my 1st anniversary with my blog; instead I went to celebrate the 1st yr anniversary with my sayang at CP! Hahaha! Well, very de sorry blog, but I promise this year I'll celebrate with u k? After all, we have each other now. Heheh. I'll save all the wishings for next edition. Just be patient, alright? Mwahhxx for ya!! Emoticon

Anyways, TADAAAA!!! After two nights..or more, perhaps...horrible makeovers for my dearie Miss Blog... hehe, sorry for that =.=" So after transforming from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan *ahem!*, are you still mad at me? Hehehe....
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