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Hello peeps :)

There's too much to be said for a thoughtful year. There are many sweet and bitter memories which makes this year, another memorable year. I've been in the UK for a year and a month now, excluding the two months I spent back in Malaysia for my summer break. Well, wanna know the thick and thins I've been through?

Jan 2010- I set 13 resolutions for this year, but believe me, I only achieved 4!  Nevamind, I'll forwarded some of those not achieved yet, wholely and partially to this year, hopefully I'll achieve more in year 2011 :)

Feb 2010- One of my ex-debate teammate, Khairul Azizie Sidek passed away at the age of 22 (assuming 22 since he was born in the year 1988). His death grieved all of us though we are not his closest friend. Jiji, may your soul rest in peace. You will be dearly missed :( And yes, not to be forgotten, this month is Valentine month! :) Love is in the air, people!

March 2010- My birthday month!!! Hoyeahhhh!!! :) Happy 21st birthday Al :)

April 2010- April Fool!!! The first Good Friday and Easter Sunday (as well as Easter Monday) celebrated in the UK, in Plymouth particularly :) And apart from that, nothing much. Oh yea, lupak2. We had a picnic birthday bash for Beba in the middle of the field :) How was it? Great fun (frisbee, soccer and et cetera)!

May 2010- Malaysian Festival 2010 :) we had great fun despite being the 'udang bakar' of the day. Haha. Trust me, I don't need to apply blusher that night since my cheek went red due to sunburn. Apart from that, what else? O ya, we went to Clarks Village, The Lost Garden of Heligan and Woodlands Theme Park. It was awesome!!! :)

June 2010- Nothing. We spent most of the time at home since had no more classes. Dayyum bored!!

July 2010- Home sweet home! Check this entry and this entry. My frustration towards British airport and AirAsia! Well, at least I landed safely and had a great time there aite? Though there are few incidents which if I were to choose, I would rather not remember even the tiniest bits of it.

August 2010- Nothing much. Serious, it's empty.

September 2010- My summer break ends. Juniors come and flooded MARJON. Hahahha. Welcome peeps! (Again??) What else? It's beginning to get cold here. Brrr... And I moved into House 16 with Beba :)

October 2010- Again, nothing. Oh yea, a month of not-so-good mood. Trust me, I was in bad state that time. Elected as the Arts & Cultural Officer of Malaysian Association of UCP Marjon. Oh,yes.

November 2010- Nothing. O yea, endless meetings. Life? Zero, zilch. Forgot to mention summore, I got my job as a student ambassador and a sport centre cleaner here in Marjon! Fulussss, dtglaa kepadaku...hoyeahh :)

December 2010- Merry Christmas everyone! The first open house event we did. At least it eases our feelings of being faraway from home (and envied those back home!) :( And yes, we had a great trip this year :) Nottingham -> Manchester -> Newcastle (nearly stranded here) -> Edinburgh -> Glasgow -> London -> back safe and sound to Plymouth :) and one thing that touches me most is the demise of my beloved Grandma (29.12.2010, 1130 hrs). I was saddened by the fact that I was not able to be around her for the last time... until her lifeless body was sent to be put into the tomb this afternoon (Msian time). She's at peace and they saw her smiling face; her time has come. You will be dearly missed, grandma. I love you alws.

That's a wrap up for this year. Till then, Happy New Year 2011 peeps :) Hav a blast and may God bless you all :)
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Hello peeps :) It was superb despite several obstacles which pollutes my eyes. 1) just let me and those who may concern knows. None of your business. Period. 2) can't think of any reason to why I come up with such statement. Lalala~

Well, I just came back from my vacation :) a 6 days trip to Nottingham-Manchester-Newcastle-Edinburgh-Glasgow-London-straightaway back to Plymouth. Tiring, but awesome. A total random awesome-ness. Hahah. So, pardon me for abandoning this blog for quite some time. And yes, I noticed that my language is sucker and sucker each day. Urgh. Is this the way an English teacher speaks? Reminder to self: no worries. I am talking about myself, not others. So let them say anything they want. Don't bother the mulut tempayans. Hahah. Crap.

We also had our very first Christmas open house, here in Plymouth. mark my word, our VERY FIRST CHRISTMAS OPEN HOUSE. Yea, coz last year I spent my Christmas in a hotel room with few babes *konon nak rasa Christmas kat London padahal hampeh. huh. meriah lagi xmas kat msia* Thanks for those who came that day, your presence makes us feel less homesick :) I do admit that I feel homesick that day :( I miss celebrating Christmas with my dearie cuzzies and sisters, fooling around and making merry... I will be back there soon. But not now :) For those who can't make it, no big deal peeps :) We'll do again some other time k?

Ahh, penat penat. Penat travel, penat layan orang. Now I need to fix my biological clock and have some rest. Till the next entry, chaloo people :) xx

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year people :)
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*mind the title. PART I.ahah.this is serious joking.lalala~*

Ahaha! We haven't reached the end of the year of 2010 yet but I have come up with my very own wishlist! Bear in mind people, it's a long term wishlist (and if you wish to give me one as my coming birthday presents, sia lagi sukak ituuu! ahahah! ). They are...*drum rolls*... check it out :)

1. To own every House of Night novel series ( Marked, Betrayed, Chosen, Untamed, Hunted, Tempted, Burned, Awakened)
2. D.I.Y my own room like this one

super cool mannnn!!!

Not exactly like this one (habislaa duit aku klu cmtuu TT) but almost like that. I'll work it out. Ahah :)
3. Lose some weight!
4. Do better in studies, of course :)
5. Work! Earn some monnaaaayyy!!!
6. Bring my better half for a tour to somewhere, which I can't think of at the moment. Will blog about that soon. :)
7. Having my own hair dryer and a hair styler (or hair tongs? kot. :P) Who knows I may got one for my coming birthday? *hinting*
8. To have lots and lots of dresses! Yang chanteks and sesuai dipakai g memana okay :P

I'll add summore from time to time. And yes, I'll cross out as well if I got one :) Till then, cheers :)
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saya sakit.

flu + batuk. sangat susah nak tido.

pedih naseng. mistikah aw bak subet getan iyen, sngajak bak madak melou pedih naseng gem aw?

akw malaih bak menyebut, sebab akw lok aw adep sader ineu wak senebut neu iyen. pulak aw subet da tao pulak. hadih. saber un laa.

beh itau, aw subetla keja adep2. malaih mua bak gem aw bak subet keja dagen lebok tw. rugi. miwek tenaga kw un mun ujung2 iyen aw siep2 bak mngata keja mua. diak dibuh jelakau.