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Last one, I was talking about the 'sambal belacan'. Somehow, I felt that I am craving for fried salted fish. Eheh. But not to the extent that I really wanted the 'ikan long', but I prefer the small dried salted fish because once when you have fried it, you can just eat it like you crave for a keropok.Yummy. But salty :P

ikan masin goreng kering

When I was a small girl I never liked the 'ikan masin goreng'. Be it the dried one or the a-bit-juicy (i don't even know how to describe it, but the flesh is a bit "basah2" laa) one, I never liked salted fish. I don't even know why.I don't have the feeling to crave something like that. I started to crave for dried salted fish...the dried one...maybe after I went to Gaya. Yupp. There was one time when I brought the salted fish and fried it using my rice cooker. Luckily the rice cooker can still be used till now. Or else I am 100% sure my mum would slaughter me. :)

On one side, I don't prefer much the salted fish definitely because of the taste. NO VITAMINS. Yet, the sensation of eating such delicacy is there and for sure it will make you lick your finger clean. :) On the other hand, I am lucky because I don't have ecszema. Some people will have ecszema after eating food which contains high amount of salt, particularly belachan (eyt, dialek ape tuh?) and salted fish. I thank God for that. XD

I think that's all for now. Wanna see if got any ice-cream left in the fridge.Till then, chalo bete!!~
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aurelia alviana Fedora
I thank God because I was born in this so-called multi-racial country named MALAYSIA. :) Despite of the small chaos that occurs everywhere, I still can go to school, hanging out with my friends because my friends came from various kinds of races. I have friends who are Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan, Dusun, Iban, Kenyah, Kayan, and the list goes on. I am truly happy for that. Despite of the people's friendliness here, I also like the delicacies which makes your mouth really waters. However, I will only be talking about one type of Asian delicacy which i savour most: the SAMBAL BELACAN.

The sambal belacan
The sambal belacan, also known as the shrimp paste, is not really being liked by everyone because of the awful smell as well as the smell of the breath after having it as one of your choice which comes along with the rice or raw vegies. However, it is still popular among the Asian as the sweetness, the saltiness as well as the sourness blends together creating a sensation that really melts in your mouth. It is a very simple delicacy as you will only need two red onions, some anchovies, chillies and a bit of 'belacan' which acts as the secret weapon in making this mouth-watering savoury a finger-licking delicacy. (kalah KFC :))

I love eating sabal belacan. Why yes, I love it very much when it comes to eating 'linut' (a Melanau traditional delicacy...which the Sabahans do call it as 'ambuyat') and raw vegies (I called them 'ulam.:D) I hope I still can make one when I am in UK already. Well, I this is it. Till then, chalo bete!
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Everything has it's own bureaucracy. Until sometimes you yourself will get irritated because of the administration system. I was studying in this so-called educational institution for the past two years for my Foundation programme. What I want to highlight here may seem to be a small matter, but how I wish that the administration system of this so-called institution really gets my annoyance to the utmost.

I started my study period in this I-don't-even-want-to-mention-the-name institution as soon as my matrix holidays were over. I went back to pack my things instead of unpack it, like what everyone does after the holidays. The next day, I did not enter my lecture class and even my tutorial class because I need to hand in my resignation letter. Crap. That was one thing I regret at first, because the following week, I received news from my colleagues that I received an amount of money from Yayasan Sarawak. Forget about it. Not long after that, my daddy arrived and we both rushed straightaway to catch a flight from Labuan to Kota Kinabalu. Kota Kinabalu, here I come! (and that was two years ago.)

Well, that was not the focal point I wanted to stress out here, but what I wanted to mention is about my RM300 which includes a college T-shirt with the college sweater and the college track bottoms, matric card and a name tag. Guess what, until today I only received my college sweater, my college track bottoms, and the matric card. The name tag? I won't count because Mr.X (not the real name) has promised to make a new one for me. The college T-shirt? Along with the crap in it. I don't even see any traces of it. Luckily they changed the adminintration system, though only that particular section. I just wanted to pinpoint the section that Mr.X holds before. I think I regret now when my daddy paid the fees straightaway to him. Why don't I think of paying through the bank instead before? It's useless now because the rice had already turned into porridge (Malay proverb)

I think that's another kind of human stupidity I have encountered. I will tell more in time to come. Till then, chalo bete!
aurelia alviana Fedora
There are some, which I believe too stupid to be true, but still I want to highlight here. Let's check this out.

1. That was the day when my sis reported for her Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery course in UM. After sending her to be 'locked up' there (kidding :P), my uncle dropped my dad and I at the YMCA Building. Unfortunately, there was no room for my daddy. Not us. LOL. So we wander everywhere, go 'jalan-jalan cari makan' then took a pleasant rest at the lobby of the Sentral Hotel. After dropping our bags there, we went to Kl Sentral to take the KTM to Midvalley. It happened when suddenly there's a guy who was 'sempurna serba serbi' walking past us as if he was rushing after something. What mad made him looked 'cacat' was when after he walked past us, HE TOOK OUT HIS 'TONGKAT PUTIH' LIKE THE ONE BLIND PEOPLE USED. I guess that he was trying to make people around him feel sympathetic towards him. Fool. What the hell is he thinking?? Really stupid. Moral of the story: have no mercy on other people!

2. 19th of August. I bet Beba still vividly remember this day. I asked her to accompany me to UM to pay a visit to my sis there. Okaylaa, she said. So, we went to one of the main doors to take a cab. The wrong part is, we took the cab from the East Atrium. At first, the taxi driver wanted to charged us RM15. What the heck! "Cekik darah ke ape nih..." I was nearly furious that time. Nasib baik dapat kontrol. Kalo tak hampehlaa taxi driver tuu kene sumpah aku. Biaq padan muke die. LOL. He asked if I wanted less, so I asked for RM10. (Sialan. masih mahal tuu.) The Indian taxi driver still wanted RM15, so we have decided to blah. The Chinese taxi driver accepted our offer. (I think he's desperate to get a customer on his cab. :P) Melayang laa RM10 aku. Sabar jekklaa. Moral of the story: next time won't take any cabs from the East Atrium.

3. We decided to go back to Kajang (uncle's place) at 7. I know it was a wrong time, but let me finish the story first. Eheh. We bought tickets to board the KTM to KTM UKM...the nearest KTM station to Bandar Baru Bangi. With shopping bags full in our hands, of course Beba and I felt totally exhausted. As if we would collapse any time. Hyperbole. What irritates us most was the Malaysian attitude. Pushing people at the door of the train. AS if they don't think that other people also wanted to go back home, have a nice warm dinner, have a proper bath, spend time with families, resting, and the list goes on. I do understand KLites, but do they understand people in their community? Yeah, people nowadays are busy looking for money because yeap, I agree to the extent that MONEY IS ESSENTIAL FOR LIFE but i dislike THE PUSHING-OTHER-PEOPLE-BEHIND-BEFORE-BOARDING-A-TRAIN attitude. Don't they think that besides irritating other people, they are causing a lot of woundings as well? Worse comes to the worst, might be casualties. Tipical Malaysians; when will they change into better persons? No wonder Malaysia tak maju2 (Beba, 2009).

So that's a part of human stupidity I want to share here. If I want to story all of it I bet that you all would feel bored to read it. So I better pen-off here. I will tell more in time to come. Chalo bete!