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*stomach growling*...aiya...havent eaten anything d whole day. i better go for something first. just you wait. adehh...

...*gone eating something; terribly hungry smpai wan 2 makan org dy*...

1930 hrs...

Hurrahh!!! I've eaten my breakfast + lunch + dinner (3-in-1 meal) last, I'm full! *growl* No, no. Seriously, I cannot eat anymore. Sudalaa teda duit, mo juga makan banyak2. Adehh. *sigh*...

2010 resolution. It's almost February, yet I still want to talk about my resolution. As I've said before, I haven't think about my resolution yet. But today,...*tadaa!*...check out my list yo!

1. To master playing guitar! I really envy those who can play guitar very well, especially LADIES!
2. To own a mountain bike. Must get one this year. Ntah bila laa aku nak beli 1 nie...but this year I'll try to get one. Hahah.
3. To have lotsa money! Before that, osh kosh I need to work. Mslhnya keja ssh nak dicari...(procrastination XD nevamind, I'll sure get one soon :P)
4. To have lotsa beautiful baju! I loike~~heheh...
5. To spend ample time with my sayang before he graduates this year..because he'll get his hands a bit busy next year, I guess (jd cigu bha urang XD)
6. To be a very good adviser and a good listener, like always (am I?)
7. To go back home this summer break (I miss eating mi kolok now..adehh =.=')
8. To tour around KK at least once this year (hope that I can go during Raya hols this year)
9. To concentrate more on my studies (which is impossible for me to do so because I am quite playful ever since I came here..haiz =.=')
10. To lose weight! Adehh...sgt2 susah sayang..godaan ada d mna2 jak..except for the fact that you dont have enuf money and u hafta ikat perut in order for the money to last until u got d allowance..which I hope it works for me in the mean time >.<
11. To get membership at the gym...last resort if betul2 xdpt nak berusaha untuk lose weight daa...but I prefer dancing :P dancing rili helps me to lose weight,and I realise that...lalala~~
12. To go for a tour to few countries before I come back to Malaysia for good :) in which I mean is to be a teacher (ROFL!!! awl gila pikir sal tuu..)
13. To be a very good and loyal GIRLFRIEND to my sayang :D nanak gaduh2 lg..seriously, stop fighting means stop caring (Imma, 2010) but eventually when u stop fighting for good reasons, doesnt mean that you stop caring for your partner, right Imma? Heheh...

Yeap, that's 13. Why 13? I'll talk about that next time. Now, wanna go and find something to fill my cute tummy. *growl*...adehh..can u stop growling??Hadoyaiii....
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2 Responses
  1. resolution no 1 tu mcm terpaksa mencari org yg bergelar MASTER ROCK....hahhahha

  2. hahah!!! ada sorg kwn yg dh pakai electric guitar skrg nie.prmpuan lg tuu.mstilaa jeles...huwaa T.T