aurelia alviana Fedora
Hello again, readers.

Have you ever face  moment...where you thought you have lost something precious, but eventually it's there all the time?
Haha. Funny, isn't it? Here's the story goes...

Once upon a time...
Where all the fairies and the birds and the leprechauns...oh,wait. Scratch that.
Where all the fairies and the birds and the leprechauns

 It wasn't like any other day. It wasn't a beautiful day either. In fact, the rain was pouring down as if the angels were having party breakfast that morning. Imaginations, really. Le madame, or should I, was peacefully checking my emails *I have not been doing this for ages! Gosh!* and the husband was taking his Saturday morning nap. There comes the lightbulb on my pretty little head, shining as bring as the morning sun. Again, imaginations. How long has it been since I last blogging? Oh well.

And so, I decided to go blogging again. I hit the keyboard, keying in '' in the search engine. Thank God after few centuries of not blogging, the account was still alive and well there. I started to look for my page...but it was not there. Wait a minute, what happened to my blog?? WHERE IS MY BLOG???

I frantically looked up in Google to check on any updates I have missed all these while. I thought hard, why is my blog missing? I can't find the right answer. My mind went blank. The blog is missing. No, it can't be. The blog sums up half of my study life; I can't just lose it in few years! Mind you, it's not even from the day I was born, okay. I keyed in everything I could think of. Missing blog, My blog disappeared into thin air, Deleted blogs...everything. No clue. No traces. The returned answers were a total disappointment.

Suddenly, I realised something. Wait a minute...which email did I use to log into my Blogger account?? I scrolled up to the top right page, and to my horror, I logged in using my work email! For Christ's sake, I have been logging into the blogger account using the wrong email all the time! No wonder I can't even find my blog! I quickly logged out my work email, logged in using the old email...and voila! The magic works! My blog is there, untouched!! my Mirage is back!

Lesson learnt: check properly before you make assumptions. Hahaha.

And my husband and I lived happily ever after. The end. For today. Haha.
Thank you for your time to read! Have a nice day!

...genuinely comes from my heart and my brain, not from anywhere else unless stated...