aurelia alviana Fedora
Hello peeps :)

I'm super duper uber sorry for abandoning my blog for super duper uber long time... that's because I was super duper uber busy doing research (read: dissertation) and completing courseworks and preparing for exams (duhh. like I care. language policies pfftt) everyone's busy with that. tell me about it.

I had a very long hair once and its length reached my waist. So, you can imagine how long my hair was. And and and, I went to the hairdresser and had it restyled (sorry for the wrong grammar, I just can't seem to find the right word ==') to shoulder length (i know right? that's insane!) and i have a FRINGE now. Ohh yess :) You must be guessing that I would have regret having a hair cut now, but guess what, I like it! Yea, sure Al =='

So I'm sharing my new look here. Feel free to drop comments here yea! Right, I need to continue doing my work. Till then, chaloooo :)



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