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That's it, peeps.

I'm gonna be MIA for a while.

This is true. No lies.

Until everything's sorted. Till then, don't miss me too much. Muehehe.

p/s: I swear by the time I'm done with everything I won't be sitting in front of my laptop for months!

...genuinely comes from my heart and my brain, not from anywhere else unless stated...
aurelia alviana Fedora
Soz people,

I am uber excited to brag here about my new BIRTHDAY wishlist ohh yes!!!

1. To have a  party with toga dress theme. Yes, in my dreams. Hahah.
let's be Roman for a day hell yesss!!!!

2. My next birthday will be on Saturday. You know what I want. Hahahah~

3. Somebody *pls pls pls!!!!* play this song on my birthday, pls??? *Puss's eyes :p*

*N Sync - Happy Birthday*

And yes, ladies and gentlemen!! *drum rolls*...tadaa! This is what I'm expecting to get this year :) I won't expect anything expensive this year as I already had a SUPER EXPENSIVE one last year. *you do knw what I got for my birthday last year, don't u?*

Right, this is it.

a) a 3D jigsaw :)

b) new heels! *I have this sneaky, sneaky feeling that actually my sis did buy me one for my 21st birthday. Can't remember. Whatever. I want a new one!*

*the exact one that i really, really want :D*

c) perfume!!! *for the past 30mins I've been roaming hopelessly on the net and TADAA! found it at lasttt!!*

Very Irr├ęsistible Givenchy L`Intense :)

d) Okay, I know I have tonnes of them right now, but I really, really one!!!

*of course, a teddy bear!*

e)  I'm a girl by nature. By all means, I can't escape from wanting these stuffs although I have heck loads of them :D

*earrings, of course!*

*...and bangles and bracelets :D i love 'em*

*...and anklets!*

*...although I might say I have a preference over this one, but any anklets will do :)*

I think this is all for now. I've been uber hopeless with my dissertation and yet have all the time in the world doing this nonsensical stuffs pfft. Right. Now, back to work. This is not over. Still have two more months before my birthday, therefore there is a very high possibility that I will add more stuffs *muehehehee* Yarp. Will update this soon. Ciao :)

...genuinely comes from my heart and my brain, not from anywhere else unless stated...
aurelia alviana Fedora
 Hello peeps!

Hope it's not too late to wish you all a Merry Christmas '11 and a blessed and prosperous Happy New Year '12!!! I quite enjoyed myself during these celebrations, thanks :) Anyways, I think I need to cut this short since I'm gonna be super busy soon. Sorry peeps. Commitment matters.

Anyways, so as usual, recapping my 2011 memories :)

-Neysa's birthday! Happy birthday, budak!!
-modified my room :)

-going to CTK for Sunday mass. No more Cathedral. Hello Student Mass! And this is when I got to know the people from the Catholic Chaplaincy. :)
-A very big FARE YE WELL to Cohort 5 because they've just gone back for good. Time for us to embark our journey as 2nd years, and new MAM officers for some of us!!

-Chinese New Year! The second CNY celeb I'm away from home. Great. Nonetheless, I had a great time indeed.

-transforming into a bumble bee because I was super busy (read: assignment-ing and dance practice)
-joined the Music group!

Apart from that, I don't think I've done much this month. Moving onnn!!

March *my favourite month of all!!!*
-Malaysian Cultural Fiesta 2011 :)
-my BIRTHDAY!!!!

-Daddy's birthday! Happy birthday, big boss! :D
-Beba's birthday :)
-I got my Epiphone Dove!
-and this! THIS!!! XD
*the best part is IT'S WHITE!!!* 
-celebrated Good Friday and Easter the English way. Remember my post about the hot cross buns, people?

busy with work again, I guess. Nothing much going on. Wait, let me just waddle through my brain's mess. Ohoh!! I remember now! Madam Clara's visit!
the sleepover at madam clara's guest house. brilliant :) shall we do another one, guys? :D

-Makan-makan at View Pan Asia.
-The first Borneon meet up!!! Hello, Borneons across Europe!!!
remember my posts (this one and this one) on the weekend getaway? this is itttt!!!!
-Michelle's wedding :) Congratulations, Michelle and Ian! :)

-The Eurotrip!!!!
the famous Rialto!
-Hannah and Trev's wedding!! Congratulations, Hannah and Trev!

-Mumsie's birthday! Happy birthday, Mum!
 Apart from that, I don't think there are anything interesting going on in August. Perhaps another reason is that because everyone's busy with part-time jobs and yeah, it's summer break. :) And ohh yes, forgot about that. This  marks the end of my career as a weekend cleaner. I quit. :D

-Welcome back, hooligans! Summer break's over and we're no more 2nd Years! Hello, dissertation!
-Happy birthday, Ben and Faiz!
nice dinner + nice hang out with nice friends :)

-Bye, Torchie. Hello, Curvie.

*can we just skip this part of the story? T___T*

-Guy Fawkes Night! *the last Guy Fawkes Night celeb for us 3rd Years :(*
-Last Kongsi Raya Celebration. Yeah, Everything has almost come to its end now. :(

Last Christmas celeb here! With Han, Kate, Mim and the clans. Epic! Happening!
*this is what we do on Boxing Day. pretending we're asleep. haha*

And and and.... here's my New Year Resolution!!!!! 12 new resolutions because it's 2012 baby!!!
1. to concentrate more on my works and no more being a STRESSY JESSY!!
2. to get more presents on my birthday this year. :p
3. to be a much better person this year. no more temper tantrums and refer to no.1. :)
4. to stay YOUNG + PRETTY + BEAUTIFUL + GORGEOUS + INTELLIGENT + BRAINY foreverrr! *you wish girl :p*
5. to be a better financial manager. since I'm not working anymore now. pfftt. and again, refer to no.1.
6. less dancing. i wish, but some people know me better than i do.
7. to be a better guitarist + singer.
8. to leave England a happy person. No more sad memories. You know what I mean.
9. to bring my parents to the places I've been (certainly not Amsterdam though Amsterdam's my all time favourite. You know why, don't u?) and to the place they wanna go most - ROME!
10. LESS FOOD INTAKE. Yes, I manage to lose my weight but I want to lose more. And hell yes I'm gonna lose my weight before I'm back for good this June!
11. to meet all my family members and friends. Yes, I miss them a lot. :)
12. to finish my bachelor degree with a first class honours and *fingers crossed* good remarks for my dissertation. I don't hope for a distinction, but at least, I'm giving my best shot for the things I'm working on now. By God's willing, He certainly will ease my end journey. :)

Till then folks :)

notakaki: rasa homesick sekarang nie. nak balik T____T

...genuinely comes from my heart and my brain, not from anywhere else unless stated...