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Hello peeps!

It's the second day of Christmas :) *and I still can hear a very soft humming of 12 Days of Christmas lol* and yeah, it's not too late to wish you peeps A VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS! Big shoutout to you dudes and dudettes who are celebrating Christmas out there! *clap3!!*

Yeah, before I get busy, let me just do my usual end-of-the-year..yada..yada..2012 recap! Let's see how interesting this year have been to us, shall we?

-Neysa's birthday!

-Rexie's birthday :)

-It's le moi's birthday! *woop!!woop!!* It was a great occasion, really. I had two celebrations this year. Yeah, you read it right. TWO celebrations! No drunk nights, that was okay-ish. But yeah. it was good :)

-Daddy's birthday! Happy birthday, daddy! We love you! xxx
-I guess we're just not meant to be. And I'm still keeping my fingers crossed, hoping that I'm not making another regrettable mistake. *sigh* Well, it's the norm of life, and I have to move on. Am I right?

-Shipping stuffs back to Malaysia. Seriously, I hate packings. (-.-)"

-Trip with le parents. London-Budapest-Rome. Will do another one like that in the future. Hell yeah. \m/
-...and I'm back. Hello again, Malaysia :)

-Back in the college. Or the doomsday era. Yeah, tell me more about it.

-Mummy's birthday! Happy birthday, mummy! We love you!

-Hmm. Can't remember anything related to September. I guess. Or, should I say, I'd rather not remembering any of the rubbish parts?? Can we skip?

-Sister's birthday! Happy birthday, Ayang! 3 more years and you're free!
-I got my driving licence! Yayy!

-The point where a schoolmate turns out to be your reason to smile every morning, the heartpains and the bliss, and who knows, the one who will spend his entire lifetime to be by your side 'till death do us apart'. :)

-Youngest sister's birthday! and uncle's! ohhmaii how can I fogot these details??!!
-The family reunion. Met my brother cousins whom I haven't met for nearly ten *freaking!!* years, and to my ohhsemm! surprise, I have THREE NEW NEPHEWS!! What can shock you more when suddenly baby boys come running to your dad, calling him 'babeh' (read: grandpa) and you...AUNTIE??? That was cute. haha! I miss the babies Aidan, Ivan and Nelson :)

Yeah, not much of interesting events this year. Hopefully next year will be more interesting. Ahh yes, practicum. Tell me about it. Duhh. Till the next post, happy festive seasons, peeps :)

...genuinely comes from my heart and my brain, not from anywhere else unless stated...
aurelia alviana Fedora
Hello, peeps.

Can't believe I'm back in the mode of writing such soapy posts again. Lol. 2 more days and it'll be our first monthsary. But with namja chingu busy working and whatnot, I'm not really looking forward to anything related to it.

But hey, it's a week to go before the Christmas celebration! Can't believe I'm celebrating Christmas at home this year *yayyy!!* but yeah, let's just scratch that idea. I'll be back in the college soon, and God knows what kind of obstacles I'll be facing soon enough.

I give up. This time, I mean it. I'll just follow the flow. Maybe it'll be much easier that way, no?

To everyone out there, wishing u a splendid Christmas and a blessed and prosperous New Year 2013!

p/s: I'll do the 2012 recapping before going back to KK. soon!

...genuinely comes from my heart and my brain, not from anywhere else unless stated...
aurelia alviana Fedora
Sabtu lepas sorang kawan dah kahwen.

Sabtu ni sorg kawan lagi nak kahwen.

I'm 23. Masih muda lagi :) *padahal dalam kepala 'bila lagi nak end zaman bujang ni???'*...facepalm!!!

Lol. I still have another few more months before I end my bachelor of education degree programme. Commitment life, I have no opposition to the idea ... but the thing is, I've made a BIG promise to le parents that I'll work least for two or three years, the most. See? I have plans!

When the moment comes, I want to be ready in every aspect possible. Financial wise. Commitment wise. And everything. I'm not expecting much, but like other ladies out there, I have a wedding dream of my own, too. I think I've spilled some of the secrets to le dad last two weeks. Damn! Whatever it is, I still need to consult namja chingu for this, and obviously, we need to reach mutual agreements before making any decisions. Long time to go. Patience, dear heart :)

Right now, namja chingu is busy working. Poor mr engineer. I was hoping to see u soon enough. Missing my namja chingu very much!

Seems like our parents started to suspect our 'friendship'. Ohh dear. Are we in deep trouble, namja chingu? faints!

...genuinely comes from my heart and my brain, not from anywhere else unless stated...