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Holla everyone! How are you 'ol doing? Don't ask me how am I doing because obviously I'm not ( which here I'm going to blame the financial crisis for all this. I'm running dry! For God's sake Alviana, stop all this! Adehh..x_x.). Right, want to know why the title of the post? Remember my 13 2010 resolutions? Ahah. If you remember, that's good. If you don't, that's even better. 'Cause i dont even hope you to remember any of my posts ponn. Kejam kann? Hahahah. LMAO

Well, really want to know why?


I won't tell. Face it. I'm gonna tell you.




Alright, alright. I give up. Here's the list. Check out yo!

1. 10+3=13. I refer back to our anniversary, 10th of March 2008. The tenth day in the month of March. Hahaha! I like~~

2. 13=31. Mirror-like. That's because 31st of March = my birthday! Yippee!! Obviously I cant think until 31 resolutions rite? So I simplify everything and *tadaaa!!!* I got 13 resolutions! Hooray!

3. 13...13...13...I just can't think of any. I just like 13. Heheh.

p/s: wanna include my this-year-birthday-wish here...I wanna own a guitar of my own... T_T
the riceballs are so very de cute de...LMAO!!!!LMAO
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*stomach growling*...aiya...havent eaten anything d whole day. i better go for something first. just you wait. adehh...

...*gone eating something; terribly hungry smpai wan 2 makan org dy*...

1930 hrs...

Hurrahh!!! I've eaten my breakfast + lunch + dinner (3-in-1 meal) last, I'm full! *growl* No, no. Seriously, I cannot eat anymore. Sudalaa teda duit, mo juga makan banyak2. Adehh. *sigh*...

2010 resolution. It's almost February, yet I still want to talk about my resolution. As I've said before, I haven't think about my resolution yet. But today,...*tadaa!*...check out my list yo!

1. To master playing guitar! I really envy those who can play guitar very well, especially LADIES!
2. To own a mountain bike. Must get one this year. Ntah bila laa aku nak beli 1 nie...but this year I'll try to get one. Hahah.
3. To have lotsa money! Before that, osh kosh I need to work. Mslhnya keja ssh nak dicari...(procrastination XD nevamind, I'll sure get one soon :P)
4. To have lotsa beautiful baju! I loike~~heheh...
5. To spend ample time with my sayang before he graduates this year..because he'll get his hands a bit busy next year, I guess (jd cigu bha urang XD)
6. To be a very good adviser and a good listener, like always (am I?)
7. To go back home this summer break (I miss eating mi kolok now..adehh =.=')
8. To tour around KK at least once this year (hope that I can go during Raya hols this year)
9. To concentrate more on my studies (which is impossible for me to do so because I am quite playful ever since I came here..haiz =.=')
10. To lose weight! Adehh...sgt2 susah sayang..godaan ada d mna2 jak..except for the fact that you dont have enuf money and u hafta ikat perut in order for the money to last until u got d allowance..which I hope it works for me in the mean time >.<
11. To get membership at the gym...last resort if betul2 xdpt nak berusaha untuk lose weight daa...but I prefer dancing :P dancing rili helps me to lose weight,and I realise that...lalala~~
12. To go for a tour to few countries before I come back to Malaysia for good :) in which I mean is to be a teacher (ROFL!!! awl gila pikir sal tuu..)
13. To be a very good and loyal GIRLFRIEND to my sayang :D nanak gaduh2 lg..seriously, stop fighting means stop caring (Imma, 2010) but eventually when u stop fighting for good reasons, doesnt mean that you stop caring for your partner, right Imma? Heheh...

Yeap, that's 13. Why 13? I'll talk about that next time. Now, wanna go and find something to fill my cute tummy. *growl*...adehh..can u stop growling??Hadoyaiii....
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That's how the title sounds. I choose not to choose. I posted in my facebook, 'it's better to remain silent rather than being a dumbo beating around the bush'. Forget your intention of knowing what's going on. Just focus on whatevery you are doing. Do I look like I have something to tell you?


=.=' Face it. I'm not gonna tell you.

I'd rather remain silent, because like what I told Fong this morning, some things are better left unsaid. Yes, there are some things that are better left unsaid. (Don't worry, Fong and I are just talking about my sewing kit. Nothing else. There are some things that I better keep it to myself, though it hurts me deep within T.T)


=.=' I feel homesick right now.


=.=' I want my sayang to be beside me, especially at this kind of time. I NEED him.

p/s: some things are better left unsaid *sigh*...
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I just so love listening to Alex Grant's piano instruments! It's very de soothing...and really lully me to sleep. Whoa! Heheh.. Believe me, I never liked piano instrumentals before. I started to like these kinds of musicales after listening to Kenny G's saxophone instrumentals. Really lully me to sleep, trust me. How I wish my sayang's here to lay beside me and lully me to sleep as well. It's three in the morning and I can't even sleep. Maybe it's because I had been sleeping yesterday until 12 in the afternoon and back to sleep again at 6pm and woke up again at 9?? Have I turn nocturnal??? haiz... I need to do something about this~~

nota kaki: I am not an owl... It's just that I feel like I've turned NOCTURNAL... God, please help me...T.T

aurelia alviana Fedora
I havent tell anyone about my blog new look, right? Well, I don't have to because...let's just say that I want to keep it to myself. And of course, for my sayang to have a look. Heheh. I never celebrated my 1st anniversary with my blog; instead I went to celebrate the 1st yr anniversary with my sayang at CP! Hahaha! Well, very de sorry blog, but I promise this year I'll celebrate with u k? After all, we have each other now. Heheh. I'll save all the wishings for next edition. Just be patient, alright? Mwahhxx for ya!! Emoticon

Anyways, TADAAAA!!! After two nights..or more, perhaps...horrible makeovers for my dearie Miss Blog... hehe, sorry for that =.=" So after transforming from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan *ahem!*, are you still mad at me? Hehehe....
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Two days I did not sleep. Just because of the assignment. Is it because I worked so hard for the assignment, or is it that I've been movie-marathon-ing for the past few days before I start doing the assignment? Argh, the meeting will start soon. By all means, I have to attend. Or was it that I choose to attend in spite of the choice I have, which eventually I could choose not to attend because I am in sick motion right now? Huh!!! Well, I have no choice but to follow the bureaucracy. Life's just like that, and yes, it's unfair...Emoticon and yes, it's unfair because people who are far healthier than me choose not to go for the meeting. Screw me! Emoticon

Urgh...laying back on the bed, I can't help much but to reminiscing back all the schweet memories I had with my sayang back in KK before. When I was down, he will cheer me up, bawak me makan2 everytime I go wild (because that's the obvious symptoms when I am hungry...and I cant help it but to cari kedai makan everytime I went out with him Emoticon) haiz...but still, he layan ja...I wonder how he can be that patient anyway? Gaduh2 pn definitely wont be that long. After a short period of time, we definitely will be okay if nothing had happened before Emoticon that's y i sayang him very2 de mucho..ROFL!!! But seriously, I really, really, really, really SAYANG him and for sure I will stress on the word REALLY if there's anyone who doubted me. Hehehe...

Damn to all this lag! Lebih2 lg when I'm in my blogging mode. I just so hate it. I wonder why, but I just don't even want to know. My sickness motion really, really held me back. All the bad moods swarm around me once again. I dont feel any happier. I dont feel any more comfortable. I dont feel any satisfaction. All that I can feel now is doomed, doomed, and... =.=' doomed. I am sad. I cant help much but to feel sad. Really, I blamed my assignments for this. I've had enough. Why cant I just do it on my way? Why must I follow certain ways of other people? Why must there be a sense of perfection inside everyone? I'm doomed, really. My sickness motions held me back, letting me down. My assignment marks really let me down. I'm doomed. Again, I feel I'm doomed. Hurrah, maybe this is a winning point for you outside there, but believe be, I will never give up. This may be is not my day. Just so you know, I will never let it go easily. You think you are prettier? I'm far more PRETTIER than you. Blah! Emoticon

=.=" I want my happiness back.


=.=" I want my sunshine back.


=.=" I want my sayang to be beside me, always.


=.=" I want my lollipop to cheer me up, like always. It's been hard since the day we separated far apart by the seven seas.


=.=" I want my besties to be with me, like before, giving me strength. Like always. Miss you all so much darls. Emoticon


=.=" haiz...*curls back and tuck self under the comfy duvet*...zZzZz...

p/s:why suddenly my bahasa go rojak again? But one thing for sure, it sounds real fun weyh..hahaha *\(^.^)/*
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Seriously, this was the first time ever that I worked really hard on an assignment given by any lecturers. (if it were truly counted, I was only procrastinating few days back when I sounded as if I wanted to started, and yes, I had just pushed my efforts starting yesterday. But still, it was far much better than before, which I think I only started few hours before I handed in my assignment ^^ *clap!!!*) Half an hour before the class starts, and yet I'm still in front of the laptop, blogging. Yes, once again, procrastination wins. When will I ever be as hardworking as before? I need my motivation. Or, maybe I dont even need any force motivation at all. All I need is just the perfect timing and hey presto! Everything comes back into its own place. Sounds like magical *winking*

I stared long enough at my white babydoll dress. And look outside the window. Looks like it's going to rain soon. But I really had planned to wear this dress to the class. To be honest, it was not really a dress anyway. Or, is it? Looks like one. Just that it's short and cute. Yeah, It's cute ^^ Well, less than half an hour left, so I just grab it and wear it. Nothing matters. After all, I will be wearing it under my purple Cheetah jumper, anyway. Looks like sucks, believe me. Well, it's not a day for me to dress up and show the whole world, so why do I need to care how I dress?

Next, my watch. Which one suits my outfit today, the blue one or the pink one? The blue one looks bigger, while the pink one looks cuter. Well, since I'm wearing a purple Cheetah jumper today, I'll take the pink watch instead. Fits perfectly. *Smirks* Well, time to ready my mind for the next two hours class. to the class!!^^
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I was doing my TELC03 assignment when suddenly my stomach growled...for sure, asking for food. Hahah. I hesitated in the beginning, so I drank a hot cuppa coffee. Erm, trust me,it wasn't nice as I expected. I missed Malaysian coffee. Huhu. Or was it the coffee made by people close enough with me and that's why I treasured the memories of drinking coffee when it's only an ORDINARY coffee? Hurraahh!! ^^ Still, my mouth craved for something. Something to chew. Urgh... I need FOOD. Please!!!!

Suddenly Ika (bukan nama sebenar) said her stomach was growling as well, asking for FOOD. Again, I sighed. What did she craved for? BURGER!!!! Simpler food? FRIES!!! Heavier than I expected. I want something light, yet satisfying. Urgh... mind seemed not to function properly now. FOOD, please!!!!

"Kalo Ika habes bwat caimen mlm nih, besok nak mkn Zaytoon..." that was the only thing I heard from Ika. In my mind, I thought of scaring her again using Long Khong (hahahah!!!)Photobucket xpe...tonight I dont think I will disturb anyone's mood. Everyone's giving their best shot to complete the ehem...ehem...what should i say about this assignment? Hectic? Kot..heheh... yea,trust me, almost everyone's in front of the laptop.. typing the commentary plus obviously doing other stuff (e.g. Youtube-ing, Fesbuk-ing, me!! Photobucket's half past 11...and I need to get back to my unfinished task!!! *growl*...erks...hunger strikes again...Photobucket

I walked and walked, reaching for the fridge. Hurraahhh... I can feel the aura of FOOD!!! And as I open the fridge...teheheh...*evil laugh*... I can see...bread and butter!!! And as I continue to type my brilliant idea into my commentary, I munched the bread with the butter spreaded on it...with satisfaction. Yes, and I feel no more hunger. FOOD wins again!!!^^ Photobucket
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Well, after some time, I think I should change the look of my blog, for once and for all (which I believe that I will eventually change the layout again..but not so soon ^^). Of course I still maintain on the pink colour as the main focus of the blog, but this time I want it to be white as the background. Unlike the previous ones (black slash pale pink, I guess *scratch2*...), I think for the time being I'll stick to this one. Yezza! Friends, behold...this is the new look of my blog. Yehhaaww!!~~ *crap*'s almost 1 in the morning. Better off to sleep. Gdnite everyone! *Assignment is torturing me...urgh...*faints*...*

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Friends? What are FRIENDS? What is the definition for FRIENDS? Well, FRIENDS literally means a person known well to another and regarded by liking, affection, and loyalty (Collins English Dictionary & Thesaurus, 2006). Hurm...when your friends are happy...

...everything seems beautiful. You feel like you want to spend every seconds together with them, doing girls's stuffs, hair styling, make-ups, window shopping, yada..yada...and the list goes on. You feel like you are on top of the world and everything that is beautiful that can only bee seen, even the tiniest drop of water. You feel as if you are soaring in the sky with wings wide open. But then, when everything turns out to be a mess...

...everything seems horrible. You feel as if you are being backstabbed and being betrayed by the people whom you trust most. You feel as if world had turn upside down and everything falls stumble upon you. You feel as if you had broken your wings and there is nobody around to give you support and lend you a shoulder to cry on.

Believe me, life is always unfair. Never once in a second that life is fair to humans. If life is really fair to everyone, then why would there be betrayals, backstabbing and the feelings as if you're just being used by others for their own personal purpose? Idiot. Just live your life as usual, forget about the rest, get a cuppa hot chocolate and have a marathon of your favourite movies. Crap.

I cannot deny that sometimes I feel as if people are just using me for their own personal purpose. Once they have achieve their goal, they will leave me behind. Wow, how such people behave. I think they need to go back into the school and learn the Moral Education thoroughly. I just feel like I want to cry. But then, come to think of it, would not people be happier seeing me crying as if I'm too pitiful? Come one, I'm not as weak as you think. Yada..yada...keep on with the talkings. I dont care how it goes or what it looks like. I just care about myself. And that's enough. Period.

"Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart."

"The best kind of friend is the kind you can sit on a porch and swing with, never say a word, and then walk away feeling like it was the best conversation you've ever had."

aurelia alviana Fedora
...boring gila...
...xtau apa nak buat...
*bgs aku p tengok cta Boys Over Flowers kat Youtube kan???hurm...*sigh*
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Friendship is like girls and shoes. Once they have found their dreamed Salvatore Ferragamo, they will just ignore all the flats, sandals and flip flops they have been using all these while. Everywhere they go they will wear the hell-damn heels; even to the sandy beaches. Once the heel is broken, they will cry, and only then they will turn back to the old flip flops and sandals they have wore before...but believe me, it will me only a while just before they find another new wear of Manolo Blahnik...or perhaps Christian Loubotin, or even a pair of Jimmy Choo. Moral of the story: Never cry over the broken heel. Get up and move on!!...even if you have to be barefooted ^^

I dont care what people say; I care what I SAY...because I am ME, and OBVIOUSLY I am not someone else that desperately need others to be at my back comforting me all the time. This is the time where I should not be in my comfort zone anymore. To the hell with everything that hurts me most before! Even friendship, if I have to say. Life is like a giant wheel; what goes around comes around. It's a karma; believe that.
aurelia alviana Fedora

watch Charmed season 8...


watch Doctor Who...again and again...


tidy up my room (duhh...xhabes2...)


and a blessed New Year 2010 to everyone!! (Lame...=.=')


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I cannot imagine..but I did it!!! Christmas, we did nothing except stay in the hotel room (nowhere to go...all places were closed! Even no tubes or red buses roaming around the city of London =.=') and watching Tvs while plaing cards =.=' and that's lame. Believe me, it's lame. Who would play cards on Christmas day either? It's only us because we had nothing to do!!! But we had a majestic dinner though... an Indian tandoori dinner which costs the four of us 66 pounds altogether!!! =.=' Well, at least the only excuse for us to have our dinner there was the McDonald and even the Peking-Seoul Restaurant was closed. Damn =.=' we would have saved more if the fast food restaurants were on service that day. Screw the holidays! Duhh =.=' now I miss celebrating Christmas with all the beloved ones in Malaysia =.='

New Year? We had a very satisfied dinner...( Ben goreng ayam yg aku perap dengan oyster sauce, white pepper and ckit garam tuu, then I prepared b*** goreng halia with oyster sauce (again???) while Imma prepared Farmhouse style soup (soup peket jekk :P) and Beba msak butterprawn bsalut oat (weyy,low cholestrol udang tuu kena oat XDXD) then karaoke using Youtube (lame...but we enjoyed anyway ;p) then we play cards again (CARDS???Get a life babe!!!) till a quarter to midnight..(yes!!!countdown BBC live internet streaming XD) then suddenly all went quiet. That's Plymouth. Heheh. :D

No life because no loved ones around =.=' lame excuse. No life because still in study mode =.=' another lame excuse. C'mon, get up...get a life. Hahahah. Kidding, anyway. We enjoyed doing it because we cherished every moment we spent together. (hurm?? Lame =.=') But sincerely, I enjoyed doing it anyway XD

Above all, i wuff my life <3