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I guess that you all can answer by yourself by now. seriously guys, because of the price I don't really expect the service to be up to my expected standard (I don't simply mean to compare the service between this airline and well, MAS of course, but I can't help it!) but puhh-lizz laa...don't simply be mean to people! C'monlaa, what can you expect people to carry a bag that weigh 7 kilos only? And, and, and.. if you put other things in your laptop bag, then your bag is not considered as a laptop bag anymore? Be rational, people! Dahla baggage masuk kargo 15 kg je limit. Berbayar pulak tuu. What do you expect from your passangers, AirAsia people? Nama je low cost airline, tapi bayar cm mengalahkan MAS! Mangkuk hayun laa... *sigh*

I underwent all these troubles since I was in Stansted already. I thought that this happened in international flights only. Who knows that AirAsia had already changed their policy - and I am not aware of it?? Why did not I know about all these? *grunts* Hilang respek aku. Urgh...
aurelia alviana Fedora
It’s just seem to be pure luck when somebody you totally do not know helps you not only carrying your bag, but to show you what to do when you are totally worn out and yet you still haven’t reach your destination. It happened twice – first, at the train station...I wonder how that guy can see me having difficulties in carrying my bags. Second, upon reaching Liverpool Street Underground Station. Well, I thank God for that. Maybe God knows that I am alone, without anyone by my side. Thank you, Lord, for all the goodness that I have receive from You. You are truly great, a name above all names. Alleluia.

It’s 5.30am and I am in the airport right now. Seems great, huh? Yea, yea, yea. I wander non-stop, looking for a suitable spot where I can sit comfortable after a long night from Plymouth to London and straightaway to Stansted. Just great. At last, I found a spot, stopped my trolley, and sit peacefully until I dozed off, really dozing off until zzzz....

8.30am. AirAsia counter had just opened. Great! Checked in. Off to the toilet to tidy myself. Urgh. Better finish this fast. I need a rest. I need to clean myself! 10.30am. Off to the departure hall. Just about to enter when the guard stopped me and...

“You can only bring in one bag weighed 7 kilos.”

But the backpack is a computer bag.

“Looks to me it’s not a computer bag. It’s more than a computer bag. It is a bag. Can you please put that bag together on the scale?”

 =.=’ Lame. So, I just put my laptop bag.

“You have two bags weighed 22 kilos. You can only bring in one bag weighed 7 kilos.”

Dang! There goes my 40pounds! Bloody arse to that guard!

To be continued...
aurelia alviana Fedora

The date. :P Let it be a secret. A sweet escape :) I packed. I glanced for the last time in my room; I can’t sleep. I chatted with Azar until four in the morning. While watching Charmed, of course. Grunting at times for facing the sufferings of packing stuffs last minute – serves me right that I did not pack earlier when I watched Peydot pack her belongings. I don’t really mind. All I want to do when I get home is to have all the fun in the world – and of course, no work. I hate works when I am on breaks. Drive me nuts. *sigh*

Azar promised to accompany me to the train station. Well, I couldn’t say no since I did not say goodbye to anyone. I bumped into Ide and Hafiz Rahman when I was about to lock my house. No one’s in the house. Super creepy man... 5.30pm. I waited for Shidi. Probably he’s still sleeping. Hey, don’t blame me. I did leave a message in his Skype. Wait. And wait. He did not show up. And the rain started to fall. Man, I hate rain in Plymouth.

We talked and laughed and reminisced over many things. Kind of sad since Azar will be leaving us this coming December – he’s returning to Malaysia for good. Wish you the best of luck, Azar. I’ll miss your poyo-ness. Hahahaa. I can imagine by the time they leave, I’ll probably cry. Hush, Baby. Hush. No cries. Friends will always remain friends if you are really sincere and true in your friendship. At times I do regret...for not being truthful in my friendship. For example, with Yna (not real name). Yes, until now, I regret what happens between both of us. She would totally be pissing me off by now. Sorry, Yna. Gomen. Well, things change, and I have changed. But nothing can change the past. Therefore, for this I will never look back.

By the time I am typing this entry, it’s half past ten and I am in the train heading to London. Azar may have accompanied me to the train station only, but from the train station, I must continue on my own. Sometimes in life, not everything has to be done with friends by your side. There are times you have to face the challenge on your own.  *pissed off since this is a totally arse-hole long journey*

To be continued...
aurelia alviana Fedora
Today, I pass up my assignment. Yess. I like that. FREEDOM AT LAST!

Today, I am feverish. Serves me right for running under the rain. Blame the wind! Cmna jga mo pkai payung if angin btiup teda arah?? =.='

Starting from today, I'll be packing my belongings - yg mna sy nak bwa balik. Well, checklist...

  • passport [/]
  • train ticket [/]
  • barang2 utk org2 d rmh [ ]
  • my own belongings! p/s: jgn bwk baju bnyk sgt balik...hahahah~ [ ]
...erm,tu je kot. It's a pity I can't bring my guitar back home. Adesss =.='
aurelia alviana Fedora

Yeahuu!! Well, that's not about it. The picture above? That's just so not me. Really. I admit I love dancing, I love singing, but the picture above? No, no, no, no, no. Enuff said. The picture above doesn't relate to anything about this post of mine. Just wanna share with everyone about my favourites.

1. Entertainment.

I love listening to songs. I listen for fun, I listen because it's just so like me, and I listen because when I listen, I feel happy. Yeah. I like it. My favourites? Checkit out yo!

-Ignition (R.Kelly)
-Let Me Hold You (Bow Wow feat Omarion)
-If We Ever Meet Again (Timbaland feat Katy Perry)
-Te Amo (Rihanna)
-When I Look At You (Miley Cyrus)
-Tiger Lily (Matchbook Romance)
-Waka Waka [This Time For Africa] (Shakira)
-Replay (Iyaz)
-Break Your Heart (Taio Cruz feat Ludacris)
-Kamu (Naramerah) wahaaha!!! promote2 :)

...and the lists goes on. I don't really hit the cinemas nowadays. Can't believe that the cinemas here are way later than the cinemas in Malaysia. Somehow I am planning to go and movie marathon-ing at Suria Sabah. 3D yo! Anyone?

2. Books

I love reading. When I say I love reading, I mean it. People say I am crazy when I say that I read books written by Dan Brown. Is it wrong for me to do so? I like it, by the way, especially Angels and Demons and Digital Fortress. Well, it's okay for me by the way, since people gave such reviews about Digital Fortress. Anyway, FYI, Dan Brown is an English (yayyyy!!!) and he was born in Exeter. (whoa!) Surprising eyh?? I'll be reading The Lost Symbol soon. Tadaaa!!!

I like books written by Stephanie Meyer as well :) especially the Twilights saga, but sad to say that I don't really like the fourth book - Breaking Dawn. I just dunno why. I just feel that the excitement in reading this book is less compared to the other three books - Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse. J.K.Rowlings Harry Potter series are attractive as well, but that was so kiddo. I grow up with most of the characters. In fact, Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) is now the same age as me. Can you believe it? Bahahaha~

I guess that's it, for now. Still remember my sengal part 1 post? And, and, and more crappings? I may want to tell you more craps. LOLs. Will update soon. Till then, xoxo!
aurelia alviana Fedora

I've been pushed and ignored and mocked and shouted at and you name it. I am that kind of person. Yes. And now I give up. Who am I? Why should I give up? I'm tired of pretending that nothing has happened. I'm tired of ignoring all the things that happen around me. I'm tired of thinking positively that everything would be
okay after I wake up the next morning when the fact is that everything is never okay. It IS never okay. I will never be okay.

Ramblings of a tormented soul. Yes, I am that tormented soul. The tormented soul that causes trouble to everyone. Run then, if you ever happen to see me. Fear me, for I will bring bad luck to you. Never back stab me, for I will stab you at the back in return. Be good to me, and I will be good to you. What have I done? You, useless people, are idiots. You think you are great? You think you are powerful enough? As if you come from another kingdom in another dimension that never exists. Mind you, I am better in imagining things than you. Bahh!!!!

I'm tired of crying. I'm tired of pouring out tears. I'm tired of cursing people. I'm tired of everything. Now, will you please leave me alone????