aurelia alviana Fedora
Hi peeps.

It's been a while since the last time I dropped a post here. Hell, was it...6 months ago? No wonder it's full of dusts and cobwebs!

Anyways, I had an eventful 6 months...and to be honest, I quite enjoyed being in my current state; a grape planter. Not literally, of course.  I have finished my 6-goddamn-years of bachelor in education pursuing *yayy!* and now I am doing a part-time job as a substitute teacher. At...somewhere on Earth. Obviously. Where do u think I hailed from...Mars??

Being a jobless is not easy. You want to be a potato on the couch and at the same time, letting moolahs rolling to you? Dream it on. Lol. Some people think that money can be gained easily when you at last obtained a degree scroll. That's what you're expecting. And here I am, a degree scroll holder and still earning 2-digits per week, and if I'm lucky, 3-digits per month...which I still haven't got my pay until today *graaa!*...and yeah, that's the pain in the a** I have to face. Let's not talk about postings, for now. Let's just...close that chapter. Shall we?

I've always liked to open this same old topic again and again. It makes you feel full of chocolates and flowers, hearts and kisses. Typical girls will go for guys who can woo girls and sweep their feet off of the ground. *hey, kaki kalau xcecah lantai, itu hantu namanya okkayy...* My monstrous dinosaur never does that. All he does is being busy with his office duties on weekdays day and night *lucky I have a job now or else I'll strangle him to death!* and mock me for my physical appearance e.g. having double chin, plus size* whattt???* etc. Behind all that, he's such a sweet and caring boyfie. And of course, he gets the credit when his pals told him, 'Boleh tahan oo 'kawan' kamu tuu Dex, cantik dan cute...hehe...shhh! Jangan bising...hehee...' Of course, tengoklaa siapa si girlfriend kan? It's been 9 months since we dated. And I love him more and more :) Speaking about that, I get all the tingles when his mum asked when will I be meeting her...officially? Takutnya!

I guess this is it. Till next time, adios amigos!

...genuinely comes from my heart and my brain, not from anywhere else unless stated...