aurelia alviana Fedora
Friendship is like girls and shoes. Once they have found their dreamed Salvatore Ferragamo, they will just ignore all the flats, sandals and flip flops they have been using all these while. Everywhere they go they will wear the hell-damn heels; even to the sandy beaches. Once the heel is broken, they will cry, and only then they will turn back to the old flip flops and sandals they have wore before...but believe me, it will me only a while just before they find another new wear of Manolo Blahnik...or perhaps Christian Loubotin, or even a pair of Jimmy Choo. Moral of the story: Never cry over the broken heel. Get up and move on!!...even if you have to be barefooted ^^

I dont care what people say; I care what I SAY...because I am ME, and OBVIOUSLY I am not someone else that desperately need others to be at my back comforting me all the time. This is the time where I should not be in my comfort zone anymore. To the hell with everything that hurts me most before! Even friendship, if I have to say. Life is like a giant wheel; what goes around comes around. It's a karma; believe that.
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2 Responses
  1. ija Says:

    i never dream of posh shoes..hehe..i use the same old sneakers the whole year long until it is worn out. lpas tu baru beli baru..hehe..

  2. cantik,tapi mahal nak mampus...students mana laa larat nak beli semua fact about shoes;"good shoes brings you to good places'.heheh...(boys over flowers)