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Hello again, readers.

Have you ever face  moment...where you thought you have lost something precious, but eventually it's there all the time?
Haha. Funny, isn't it? Here's the story goes...

Once upon a time...
Where all the fairies and the birds and the leprechauns...oh,wait. Scratch that.
Where all the fairies and the birds and the leprechauns

 It wasn't like any other day. It wasn't a beautiful day either. In fact, the rain was pouring down as if the angels were having party breakfast that morning. Imaginations, really. Le madame, or should I, was peacefully checking my emails *I have not been doing this for ages! Gosh!* and the husband was taking his Saturday morning nap. There comes the lightbulb on my pretty little head, shining as bring as the morning sun. Again, imaginations. How long has it been since I last blogging? Oh well.

And so, I decided to go blogging again. I hit the keyboard, keying in '' in the search engine. Thank God after few centuries of not blogging, the account was still alive and well there. I started to look for my page...but it was not there. Wait a minute, what happened to my blog?? WHERE IS MY BLOG???

I frantically looked up in Google to check on any updates I have missed all these while. I thought hard, why is my blog missing? I can't find the right answer. My mind went blank. The blog is missing. No, it can't be. The blog sums up half of my study life; I can't just lose it in few years! Mind you, it's not even from the day I was born, okay. I keyed in everything I could think of. Missing blog, My blog disappeared into thin air, Deleted blogs...everything. No clue. No traces. The returned answers were a total disappointment.

Suddenly, I realised something. Wait a minute...which email did I use to log into my Blogger account?? I scrolled up to the top right page, and to my horror, I logged in using my work email! For Christ's sake, I have been logging into the blogger account using the wrong email all the time! No wonder I can't even find my blog! I quickly logged out my work email, logged in using the old email...and voila! The magic works! My blog is there, untouched!! my Mirage is back!

Lesson learnt: check properly before you make assumptions. Hahaha.

And my husband and I lived happily ever after. The end. For today. Haha.
Thank you for your time to read! Have a nice day!

...genuinely comes from my heart and my brain, not from anywhere else unless stated...
aurelia alviana Fedora
Now, where should I start?

It has been freaking 8months since the last I updated my blog. I am a full-time teacher now...a permanent one. Weehoo!

To face the phase-changing season is never easy for me. Parents moving elsewhere due to working commitment, and there's me taking up le responsibilities taking care of my can life be easier for me?

I started to accept the fact that life now is not about playgrounds and ice-creams anymore. Perhaps in few years time, the status's gonna change...and I will be somebody else. Can't spend long nights outside anymore. Can't just simply bash people just because I want to. JUST BECAUSE. And need to learn to accept the fact that I'm entering somebody's family line soon...and I'm going to be somebody's wife.

WIFE. I've always thought that I'm not going to tie the knot that quick. Come to think of it, I'm getting engaged next year. Looking at that thought makes me think twice, no, I capable of being a good lifetime partner to Dex?

Ah well, as what people say, que sera, sera. Whatever will be, will be.

...genuinely comes from my heart and my brain, not from anywhere else unless stated...
aurelia alviana Fedora
Olla, peeps.

it's been like AAAGEEESSSSSS...that i have not post anything on the bloggie. Yeah, you read me right. And...I am back!! I can't say for how long I'll be here, but I'll try to keep you guys entertained with my crappy stories anyway. Lolzee. Moving on!!!

Too many stuffs happening in my life lately. Yeah, to sum it up, let me summarize everything in bits of points so that you can see how this life is coloured with crappy and boring stuffs. Watdeheck? REALLYYYY???


Well, I've officially finished my 6-crappy-years of study in BEd (Hons) TESL. Yeah, I missed my 6-awesome-years-siblings. We've been through thick and thin together like there's no yesterday and there's even no tomorrow. Lols. I was like...I can't believe that the 6 years have come to the end of it! Anyways, we keep on telling each and everyone of us that this is not the end of it. This is just another new beginning to our new lives. suwiiitttt!!! *vomiting tonnes of blood* Right, students life over, now moving on to ZE MOST HONOURABLE GRAPE PLANTER lifestyle!


I simply skipped to July since I led a boring life in June as a grape planter at home..and of course, ze most honourable driver for le sister. Hell yeah. And because I led a life like a potato on a couch, my life decided to revolt against me and yeah, I got me own job as a tuition tutor and yeah,  A TEACHER. First week, it was okay-ish. And life decided it wasn't fun enough to play me just like that. And there comes all the PBS workloads. Ohh yeah, bring it on. This is Alviana u're talking about. HAHAHAHA!! *pengsan 2saat*


Skipping again! So yeah, too much rebellion against me, so I've decided to skip all the best parts in all of the months. Bwahahaha!! So yeah, I got super tensed until I just decided to let go of everything. I mean, PBS. The last day of me managing th PBS thingy, I just hentam keromo. Trust me, it's not easy to handle all the filing system. I don't know what the heck the government thinks when they decided to change the education system!!! Anyways, hentam jak...and I boarded the flight to KL that very night for my convocation! Yeap, the graduation was in this month and that was the proudest moment in my life. I thanked God, I thanked mummy and daddy, I thanked my crazy-minded sisters, I thanked everyone who came into my life along the way, I thanked Mr.Bubu for being there and for being so patient with me when I ranted at him for all the difficulties I faced along the way. And yes, I heart you so much to the moon and back till my heart breaks. :') And yes, happy anniversary, namja chingu :) a year of pain and bliss, a year full of tears and laughters. And as days passed by, I began to love you more and more. Hearts and kisses lots and lots!!

*IPG  Convocation 2013.*


Wait, what am I doing? Oh, for a second I thought I was recapping the year. No, no. Let me start with le sister's birthday which fell on the YCS Leadership Camp 2013. And I was like...aigoo, saya bknnya budak kecik, why the heck I was involved in this matter??? And there goes the interview. 8th of December 2013 at SMK Tatau! And as expected, it was just for formality. Lolzee! I got the title Pegawai Perkhidmatan Pendidikan Siswazah DG41!  Wait, mana posting? Now everyone started to ask me this bonus question. Terbaiklah.  Anyways, since it's December, and we have roughly a week to go before Christmas comes...*yayy!!*...I thought it might be a good thing to wish everyone A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014! Now, let's sort out my medical check up, shall we?

Notakaki: belum buat Christmas shopping lagi. Mr.Bubu's parents will be back from Russia this weekend. Cousin's wedding reception this Saturday. Xtau nak pakai baju apa. Aaaaa!!! *pengsan 2saat*

...genuinely comes from my heart and my brain, not from anywhere else unless stated...
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Hi peeps.

It's been a while since the last time I dropped a post here. Hell, was it...6 months ago? No wonder it's full of dusts and cobwebs!

Anyways, I had an eventful 6 months...and to be honest, I quite enjoyed being in my current state; a grape planter. Not literally, of course.  I have finished my 6-goddamn-years of bachelor in education pursuing *yayy!* and now I am doing a part-time job as a substitute teacher. At...somewhere on Earth. Obviously. Where do u think I hailed from...Mars??

Being a jobless is not easy. You want to be a potato on the couch and at the same time, letting moolahs rolling to you? Dream it on. Lol. Some people think that money can be gained easily when you at last obtained a degree scroll. That's what you're expecting. And here I am, a degree scroll holder and still earning 2-digits per week, and if I'm lucky, 3-digits per month...which I still haven't got my pay until today *graaa!*...and yeah, that's the pain in the a** I have to face. Let's not talk about postings, for now. Let's just...close that chapter. Shall we?

I've always liked to open this same old topic again and again. It makes you feel full of chocolates and flowers, hearts and kisses. Typical girls will go for guys who can woo girls and sweep their feet off of the ground. *hey, kaki kalau xcecah lantai, itu hantu namanya okkayy...* My monstrous dinosaur never does that. All he does is being busy with his office duties on weekdays day and night *lucky I have a job now or else I'll strangle him to death!* and mock me for my physical appearance e.g. having double chin, plus size* whattt???* etc. Behind all that, he's such a sweet and caring boyfie. And of course, he gets the credit when his pals told him, 'Boleh tahan oo 'kawan' kamu tuu Dex, cantik dan cute...hehe...shhh! Jangan bising...hehee...' Of course, tengoklaa siapa si girlfriend kan? It's been 9 months since we dated. And I love him more and more :) Speaking about that, I get all the tingles when his mum asked when will I be meeting her...officially? Takutnya!

I guess this is it. Till next time, adios amigos!

...genuinely comes from my heart and my brain, not from anywhere else unless stated...
aurelia alviana Fedora

Olla peeps,
How's life? Sucks, isn't it? Well, you have to live with it, no doubt. It's yours, not mine, not anybody's. Got me? Lol.
It’s been three months since the day I said ‘yes’ to *cough2*mr engineer*cough2* when he asked me to go out with him. Well,he proposed to have an engagement last month, which, if I have said 'yes' to him, that would take place this November...or December...or so he says. I didn’t take it serious, really. Lol. So I asked for more time so that I can have a thought about it. He’s fine with it. Of course, knowing us both still being too playful although we’re moving towards the ‘serious’ bit *hahahaha!!!* Okay, let’s just stop there, because I need more spaces for the *cough2* more serious bit *cough2* lol :D
I'm not the type of person who thinks about a commitment life ahead of anything. It's just not my thing. Same goes to munchkin. We're still in the stage of getting to know each other more and more, but I can't deny there are times when we have that conversation talk about what you want to do after you get married..yada..yada..bla..bla..we just feel that we're not there yet. I'm not yet in the stage of having my own career *nearly there!* and he's super duper workaholic *he's an engineer, remember?* Money wise, not a problem. Planning wise, we still have our parents who can think the SUPER DUPER BEST ideas for their son and daughter, but...yeah, it's not the time yet. But, when it comes to mr engineer, everything seems to fall into place. It's just...super perfect. I just can't explain it. 
Maybe some day, when he asks, I'll just say 'yes'. Why not? He’s my sugar, I’m his pie. He’s my munchkin, I’m his pumpkin. He’s my teddy, I’m his baby. And I love him. So much I can hardly bear the thoughts of losing him. Thanks for coming back into my life. Love you so much, babybear :)

...genuinely comes from my heart and my brain, not from anywhere else unless stated...