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Yupp. That's me. Alviana. 20 going on to 21 very soon... and that is about more or less TWO WEEKS from now!! Yo man, that's too soon! Random facts about me? 1. I'm almost 21 but yet I still dont own a driving licence. Pity me. 2. I'm an ex-SAINSRIan (SMS Miri), an ex-NSian (NS stands for National Service [PLKN]), ex-LMCian (for three months only), and present MARJONian a.k.a TESLian. 3. I miss my foundation hair. My long hair. Me very de long hair. Honestly, I regret cutting my hair before but let's just bygones be bygones. After all, my hair's getting longer now :) though it's not as long as before :(

I flipped through my pictures in Facebook just now, and I noticed that MOST OF MY PICTURES SHOW THE HAPPY FACES OF ME. Suddenly I feel like I'm an idiot. A hypocrite. What the heck. I feel pissed off, but there aren't any pictures that shows the me pissed of pictures. I feel sad, but there aren't any pictures that show me crying. Am I a person who is happy all the time? Am I a person who never cares if people mock me or not, if people just took my efforts for granted? Alviana, wake up and don't ever suppress your feelings! Let it out! Let all the people around you know how do you feel about them!

But honestly, I just can't do it. I really, really can't do it. I feel like I wanted to cry, but I can't. I feel like pissing off, but I can't show it. Honestly, I can't. Human rights policy? My policy is LET ME JUST KEEP IT TO MYSELF. After all, it's useless when you have talk thousand times and yet people still repeat the same thing as if they are capable of doing that all on their own...or should I say AS IF THEY FEEL THEY ARE TOO GREAT? Only God knows.

There are many things I wanted to jot down in this entry but the clock struck quarter to two in the morning. Of course it's not a problem since I'll have class only at one in the afternoon for tomorrow, but I don't feel well right now. It's either a) I was overslept or b) i need more rest. Well, I think I'll be up to something in the upcoming entry. Just you wait. :) Till then, cheers!
aurelia alviana Fedora

That's what the title says. For the first time ever in my life, I like listening to the radio. Whoa! Heart Radio Plymouth really, really change my perceptions towards radios. Hahaha. It's not a joke by the way. Before this, I listened to the radio for the sake of keeping me up-to-date with the song charts on the radio. Nothing else. Trust me. That's me. I'd rather listen to my MP3 or my iPod because there are varieties of my choices of songs. Up to 4000 songs for the current  MP3 record, I guess. LOL. Ask around and see what are their responses when you say that I like listening to radios. Even my sayang knows that I really, really don't like RADIOS! But Heart Radio Plymouth is totally different. I just don't know why. It feels soothing listening to the songs played in the radio. Hahahah. Crap. Since when I have a radio? I just use the Internet Radio, by the way. Hey,any new nice songs? I hardly listen to any new songs lately. LOLs. Roger me if you happen to know any new songs, k. Hahaha.

p/s: I can play pake tome-tome on the guitar now. Haha. Hey you, don't laugh. Of course it's a nothing to you because you're an expert. I am nothing to be compared with you. So blahhh!! Macy Day Parade :) two thumbs up! Hahahah!!! C, Am, F, G...
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aurelia alviana Fedora
Just look at the title. Yes. It's true. I miss my old life. The life where I am being free, I am not feeling stressed or depressed all these while, the life where I dont have to pretend that I am happy. That's the point. Why should I pretend that I am happy when all these while I am not happy at all? Kesian my babyboo jadi mangsa keadaan. Don't misunderstood; the babyboo I mean here is not my sayang. It's my guitar. In fact, I hid all these from my sayang because he had heard enough from me. I just dont want him to be burdened of what do I feel rite now. *Sigh*...need to go back to my babyboo and keep on expressing my feelings.*Heavy sigh*...
aurelia alviana Fedora
I feel like wanting to blog about something regarding this. It has been a long time since the real day I felt like writing about it...REAL DAY,i mean it. Kinda malas lately to write something but I feel like I have to write something about it. Crap. Anyways, straight to the point~~


Want some parts of my little brain? F*** off. Shit the hell out of you. Hahah. Crap. Anyways, if you really want to know what's in my brain about this, i'll tell ya. Wanna know what my heart says? Boo~just get the crap outta here.


1. Well, of course. Don't ever deny it  because you know whenever you are near, you can feel that love is in the air (...and suddenly you can hear the the Air Supply's song "All Out of Love"...blahhh!) You will feel that EVERYTHING IS BEAUTIFUL IN ITS TIME (mcmlaa sgt) and many2 more laa. Does that ring any bells? Wedding bells? Hahaha!! Crap.

2. Nope. If you think that love is a total bliss, then how can love give you food to eat, a shelter for you to cover from the heat of the sun and the rain, and the most essential aspects in human life--MONEY!!!--? If love is everything, then why do you need to go and further your study in order to get a better job? Why dont let just love find the job for you? Duhh~~

As a conclusion, do LOVE really brings TOTAL BLISS in human's life?
aurelia alviana Fedora
I just love it...Heheheheh!!!

1. My achievements!-i can play 2 songs on the guitar dy! Including the song I first use to learn how to play guitar, it's THREE!!!Yippie!

2. Wanna play more songs!!!!

I just so <3 my life :)