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Seriously, this was the first time ever that I worked really hard on an assignment given by any lecturers. (if it were truly counted, I was only procrastinating few days back when I sounded as if I wanted to started, and yes, I had just pushed my efforts starting yesterday. But still, it was far much better than before, which I think I only started few hours before I handed in my assignment ^^ *clap!!!*) Half an hour before the class starts, and yet I'm still in front of the laptop, blogging. Yes, once again, procrastination wins. When will I ever be as hardworking as before? I need my motivation. Or, maybe I dont even need any force motivation at all. All I need is just the perfect timing and hey presto! Everything comes back into its own place. Sounds like magical *winking*

I stared long enough at my white babydoll dress. And look outside the window. Looks like it's going to rain soon. But I really had planned to wear this dress to the class. To be honest, it was not really a dress anyway. Or, is it? Looks like one. Just that it's short and cute. Yeah, It's cute ^^ Well, less than half an hour left, so I just grab it and wear it. Nothing matters. After all, I will be wearing it under my purple Cheetah jumper, anyway. Looks like sucks, believe me. Well, it's not a day for me to dress up and show the whole world, so why do I need to care how I dress?

Next, my watch. Which one suits my outfit today, the blue one or the pink one? The blue one looks bigger, while the pink one looks cuter. Well, since I'm wearing a purple Cheetah jumper today, I'll take the pink watch instead. Fits perfectly. *Smirks* Well, time to ready my mind for the next two hours class. to the class!!^^
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