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We had a good meal, we played card games, they played Cranium while I was busy reading my blog comments and yada..yada..and the list goes on.

I came back from the birthday bash nearly midnight, and I don't even have the slightest idea why did I login on my Yahoo Messenger. For God's sake. Am I half-asleep or half awake? Something caught my attention. An offline message. From someone I know. Someone dear to my heart. But not anymore. Not till today.

Why today? Because I came to my own *kesedaran* while playing card games just now; suddenly I said to myself, to like something doesn't mean that you will own something. It's just that to like something is merely a feeling that you like, and that's it. Like and only like. Not more, not less.

I like handbags. I like wedges. I like beautiful dresses. But that doesn't mean I can own everything. Unless I make sacrifices - take the four month allowances, for instance. I would have to think between a handbag and a one-week dinner. So, to sacrifice, if I want to buy a handbag, I would have to sacrifice my one week dinner. Is that worth it? Unless you come from a filthy rich family, perhaps one day you will consider thinking like me. You will. Just not yet :)

Enough with the nonsence talking and midnight blabbering, now off to bed. Goodnight peeps. *yawn*

-nukilan al yang chantek ahakz :P-
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