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My first day of Chinese New Year in Plymouth..

Tried to call my other half
...few THOUSAND times...
and ended up in the voice mail.

Rubbish lines.

Fine. And my phone credits are wasted just like that. Just great. Pfftt.

Woke up in the morning.
About 10.30am.Took a quick shower.
Procrastinating about what to wear.
Fine. Grab a leopard print long tank top and a cardigan.

Finished lecture at 1.00pm.
Discussed with Jaryn about tomorrow night's thingy (woot2!!)
My other half buzzed me at Facebook chat.
And my mood gets woozy once again.


And now,I'm stuck in front of the laptop...
waiting for the time to attend the meeting...
and my dance practice.

That's my first day of 2nd Chinese New Year in Plymouth.
Great, isn't it?

-nukilan al yang chantek ahakz :P-
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