aurelia alviana Fedora
1. Saya nak banyak baju cantik. Hehehe :)

2. Saya nak jelajah sebanyak mana tempat yang boleh g sebelum blah dr UK...
haha. at least I've been to Bath, Bristol, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, Edinburgh, Glasgow, France, Italy, Swiss, passed by Austria, Germany, Holland, Amsterdam, and Brugges (Belgium). not bad! nak tambah lagi, for sure! ongkosnya jangan lupa kawal ye..huhuhuhu~

3. A leather belt for daddy

4. Another new mobile phone! For the how-many-times-I-have-lost-track-I-wanna-change-my-phone times, I wanna new phone! AGAIN! Surprise :)
hahaha :)

5. Something for mummy. Can't decide yet.
how abt this one? mummy loves high heels..*still thinking*

6. Something for Neysa's birthday.
demand gila. nak Roxy jgak. haish.

7. Something for my birthday!! Soon people, soon :)
ooh, I can't take my eyes off of u bebeh!!

8. New sandals. Tho I just bought a new one not long ago from eBay. Ish3, buruk pnya perangai.
cool :)

9. Something for our anniversary. This year's the third year we've been together :) Heart you darling!
*p/s: ini rahsia..*alasan sbb xtau nak bg apa* hahaha~*

10. His graduation present. Which I haven't decide yet. Ohh. teruknya saya.
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4 Responses
  1. Hanis MY Says:

    auwww so sweet hope u n chenta hati bahagia forever...its more about give and take aite...

  2. :: Hanis ::

    Haha. tq :) yes. u n ur husband pn ape kurangnya. sweet :) u both study in d same uni. there r times when I envy people who can be near to their other half. no offence. just my 2cents :)

  3. Nice wish list. Next allowance, maybe?

  4. ::bro im::

    can't achieve everything in one time. but will take that into consideration. with the expensive accommodation fees that needs to be settled first, i have to think twice. ohh, bummer.