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It wasn't as beautiful as I have expected. At least, I enjoyed it. Guilty pleasure, as what people would describe it. Ahaha. I was really tired, I meant it. Last Friday, I went to Exeter for my ambassador task - drama taster day at University of Exeter. One whole day - rushed after the bus, collect the train tickets 5 mins before the train leaves the platform, running up the hill to find that actually I was just in time and were not late (ouch!) - full of going here and there and walking under the rain, it's an experience that's indescribable. I like it, though at the end of the day the three of us - me, Puvana and Zureen - suffer due to headache caused by walking under the rain! :)

Saturday - my first day working at the sport centre. Mann, it's huge! Massive! Four hours given to clean whole place, and the work force is only two?? That's what people nowadays call as CHALLENGE. Lols. Anyway, I enjoyed the other half of the day sitting in my room, reading books for the assignment, drafting, resting, napping and *ehem!* let me keep the rest of the story to myself. Hee :)

Sunday - work again. I was frustrated by the fact that I couldn't stay longer and have a Sunday break with my church mates (they are awesome!!) and yes, for the famous reason - I'm not done yet with my assignment. Sorry peeps! We'll hang out next week. I promise that *pinky promise* hahaha~ I really, really thanked God for being given such nice people to guide and grow together in faith. Seriously, I missed my church mates back in my hometown, but these people really know how to lessen my 'church'sick eyh?? Lols.

Now, back to my assignment. Sorry peeps, assignment comes first. I promise I will be back with more interesting stories. Till then, stay tuned!

notakaki: speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil :)

-nukilan al yang chantek ahakz :P-
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  1. Beattrice Says:

    adoi..last sentence x leh tahan.hahahaha!

  2. hahaha! mstilaa! mood booster bh! hahah!