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Greetings from the United Kingdom of England, Scotland, Wales and North Ireland!

I was blog-hopping as usual and I came across this blog and somehow I said to myself, instead of just killing the time by Facebook-ing and bloody yada..yada.. whatever the thing is, why don't I do stuffs? And so, here I am :)

Nama saya, seperti yang sedia maklum, Alviana Fedora dan saya sedang belajar dalam tahun kedua B.Ed (Hons) TESL di University College Plymouth St.Mark & St.John, Plymouth a.k.a Marjons. Xramai orang tahu tentang Marjons dan saya yakin, xramai tau di mana terletaknya Plymouth di dalam peta UK. Well, basically Plymouth is situated far in the south west of the UK (click here to view the map), in the county of Devon. Dah, cukup crita pasal Plymouth, kita bercerita pasal benda lain plak owhkay :)

Sweet times here in the UK: able to shop like hell and to travel around! Trust me, u hafta find some time to go and explore the world! Bila lagi nak ada pelang nak tengok tempat orang kalau bukan masa2 cmnie kan? I'm fortunate enuff to be given such chances by the government to study here :) Seriously!

Bad times: when people look at you as if u've done something wrong to them. Being called by names (in which people here love to label us as ORIENTALS) Not sure why, but trust me, this is INSANE. We endure with it considering that this is a place where you can see most locals around you (compare to big cities e.g. London, Nottingham, Manchester, Newcastle). So, peace!

We really had a great deal of time here :) Don't believe me?

during our 'jalan2' with our host families to Mount Wise

Malaysian Festival 2010

our trip to the Lost Garden of Heligan. A beautiful place, I must say :)

summer BBQ! *can't wait for it :)*

DeepaRaya 2010 :)

Old Trafford! Hoyeah :)

Glasgow. Wonderful city :)

This is a courtesy to the blog Blog Pilihan Malaysia since they give chances to bloggers wherever they are despite of the same interest - blogging to write about themselves, I reckon. Don't quote me owhkay. It's just a wild guess. Nevertheless, I like it, honestly.

I think that's it. Till then peeps, chaluu :)

-nukilan al yang chantek ahakz :P-
13 Responses
  1. MIA Says:

    hai warga plymouth, egypt's here !

  2. Hai warga egypt! :) nice knowing u :)

  3. ahah :) interested to know abt u more! da lame kt egypt?

  4. ɐɥsɐɟ Says:

    hai warga plymouth. hehe sy belajar kat mlysia je. singgah sini via BPM. hehe slmt maju jaya kat benua org. lame lagi belajar di sana?

  5. hai fasha :)

    trma kasih :) xla. tahun depan da balik da. 3 thn je kat cni. still study lg? study ktne ye?

  6. Hanis MY Says:

    hye...khabar dr sendai japan... folo blog pun join segmen sy blogger perantau...

  7. Beattrice Says:

    I love our photos in this post :)

  8. beba: yesss!!! sweet memories are meant to be shared! jangan kedekut baa kwn :P hahaha~

  9. Beattrice Says:

    manada kedekut ba kwn.hahaha :P i didnt read the whole post at 1st.only just now i got to know why the title is in bm.huahahaha :P sot suda.

  10. haha :P dh nya pdh gya :P tnggalaa betapa bkaratnya bm ak. 1 2 ayat jak dlm bm, kakya smua dlm english. hahaha~

  11. Love the photos and the stories behind! Yes, go take a walk, as we don't have the opportunity. Just yet!

    Yes, I heard the metropolitan is overpopulated by the outsiders compare to Plymouth which has more locals. Don't you feel like in TV sometimes, where Caucasians are all around? :))

  12. bro im: yupp, sometimes. tho have been here for more than a year, i still can't believe that i've reached UK :) have been to few places, but would like to consider spending a night or two in an English house e.g. sitting by the fireplace etc :P perhaps you would like considering the idea of coming here in the future, like sis Clarice? :)