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Since I've read Clare's blog on this, I have a deep thought about this and I said to myself, why not I do the same thing as well? Well, these are the elements in my life that I've been very thankful for God has given them to me. I heart u all :)

1. Mummy and daddy

I'm the eldest in the family and that makes me the most pampered one, theoretically. Yes, it was, for a while before I had three younger ones, stealing my limelight! D'ohh! Joking2 :P Still, I felt grateful for having my mum and my dad as my parents (tho they're strict to the four of us. Ohh yess, I believe that one of the reasons they're being 'dictatorous' *does this word exist??* is that their children are all girls and we need to be attended to so that we won't go astray!!! So dramatic. Hahaha. Trust me, I really felt grateful for if they're not being strict to me before, I won't be where I am today. Thank you, mummy and daddy :) *sob2. tharu kejap.okes,habis drama*

2. My sisters

We can be crazy sometimes. We can be cranky at times. But for sure, we are always being supportive towards each other. Sisters for life! Of course, I love them :) I admit, I am not a good sister. Why? 1) I alws make fun of the 2nd one since she's the shortest among us four. By patting her head. Jahat kan? That's so me :) 2) I used to order my 3rd sister to do most of the chores in the house since she's the one yang paling xpndai membantah. She's the most obedient one. She never asks anything from our parents, even just for a new pair of white shoes. Note to self: no orders for her anymore. :P 3) I always think that even tho the youngest is the youngest, the treatment should be fair and equal. I once was quite crossed when my parents sort of being lenient to my 4th sister. But then, come to think of it; I am not in the house anymore, my second sister's now in UM, and my 3rd sister's gonna finish her secondary education this year. So, I guess that I should let her be my parent's doll. BIarlaa ba. Budak kicik ja pn. p/s: She's thirteen this year, but her body size's like a nine year old. Kurus je lebih. Cam lidi. My bad :P

3. My circle of friends.

I was away from home since the age of thirteen. My friends are like my second family. Be it in the secondary school (I was a boarder; I'm an alumni of SM Sains Miri), matriculation (2 months plus in Labuan Matriculation College is not a short period of time),in the teacher training institute (Gaya Teacher Training Institute 2007-2009), or in Marjons (here I am now!) I met lots and lots of friends. To be really, really far away from home is not as easy as I thought. The things e.g. my working life etc. really bugs my thought and it really makes me feel sad for being faraway from my family. That's where I feel that the presence of friends are to be valued. Thanks pals, be it dudes or babes, you all are dearest to my heart. Love you all :)

4. Chenta Hati Saya <3

I'm being grateful for him to be beside me and to stand by me through thick and thin for the past two years and how-many-months. In short, it has been almost three years we've gone out together :) Schweetttt! *Joking!!!* I miss his cranky-ness, I miss his craziness, I miss everything about him. We've been through a lot just to maintain our relationship and I never expect it to be this far. I pray may he'll be happy with me though I may not be the best life partner, but I'll try my best to make him happy to be beside me and to make him realise that I'm truly for him. Yes, I may have been a bit cheeky and a bit naughty at times (of course! I never can be a goody goody girl! That's so not me!) but I just want him to realise that I just can't change that over a night. That's so not me. I think he understands me better now. Forgive me for being not good e.g. being so-called queen control, i guess. I'll never force you to do my way again. Love you so much, honeybee :)

How about you out there? Care to share your gratitude journal as well? :)

-nukilan al yang chantek ahakz :P-
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  1. Now it's evident that the BEST things in life are usually free.

  2. :) glad to know the list! best macha gratitude journal urg. feels really good after writing it nak?nak? :) hehe ulih ka ku link tok ba post journal aku?

  3. can't agree wif bro im more :)

  4. kenapakan kawan atas daripada chenta hati??bermakna kawan-kawan lebih penting dari chenta hati ka??xpuas hati tk..

  5. :: nick ::

    neyda. sapa pdh? prnah belah dada bukak ati ling tngga meh?? pergh...