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Hello everyone,

Seems like it's the first post in the year 2011 :) Ohh yeahh! My resolution? Hahaha. How many times should I talk about this? Just browse through the whole blog and you'll find about few posts mentioning my resolutions, again and again. *duhh!* Well, crack on!

Life's getting more and more hectic as the days pass by. Can't lie to you about this buddy. The moment I type this entry, I'm working on another assignment for ENGD17. Such a life, ain't it? Can't imagine how life would be from this point onwards. So, goodbye to holidays and say hello to the new term opening!

What else? This term I'll be having TELD01 - Grammar and Discourse for the Language Teacher and TELD03 - Language Across the Curriculum. Urgh. Grammar, grammar and grammar. Ohh, by the way, those people who borrow my grammar books, can I have mine back before the term reopens? Many thanks in advance. I might need those books some day :) And please, to others who borrow the seniors' books, do return them if you haven't, okay darlings?

What else? I think that's it. Till the next post, buhbye!

::speak no evil::hear no evil::see no evil::

Above all, I love my life :)
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