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*nah, ambik sbijik. hahaha. nak jgak aku tulis sal ko. wakakaka.

Eheh. Atas tu hanyalah gurauan semata-mata. I don't mean to be such an evil spoiled brat, okke. *angel halo suddenly appeared on my head and *pooff!* gone =='* Okay, this is about a friend, no, a buddy who wanted me to write something about him since he'll be leaving us soon for good. Yelaa, orang tuu da hampir sah da bergelar CIKGU daa...

Hahhaa. Anda jangan tertipu dengan aksi ini. By the way, he's Azar Syafiq, or known as NARAMERAH :) KP Malaysia bernombor 890923065791 (xpasti betol ke x, tp cm betol je..hahaha XD), same age as me, but he's in Cohort 5 Cycle 2. Budak pndai kan, mestilaa melangkau. Hahaha. He was the Vice President of Malaysian Association of UCP Marjon 2009/2010 and also the Project Director of Malaysian Festival 2010 as well as the director for our theatre 'The Sound of Unity'. Pergh, bapak gila kuasa Azar nie. Hahaha. Please bear in mind that he is not at all as kenit as pictured above. Dia xkenit ponn. Hahaha.

He's the one that I mentioned in the previous post (refer to this post). Oklaa, I admit that though he sounded like a bully (and he's NOT even a bully), he's a good friend. He's totally good. He even promotes ASDA when we first came. Malu kot mase dalam bas tuu siap panggil dye ABANG AZAR and yet to learn the truth that he's 6 months younger than me! For God's sake! *malu siot..hahah!*

The first long conversation we had - on the way back from Warwick. Learning the truth that he's one of the 542. Man, seriously that time I didn't believe him! Cam menipu jekk. Agagaga. Sori laa bai. Serius gua xcaya sma lu mse tuu. Hahahah. From that conversation onwards, we gila2 tahap gila everytime gila2. Hahaha. Xpaham? Xyah paham. Just leave it to those who understands better :P

Did I mention that he was our Project Director for MFest 2010? Oh yes. He's good in managing things during this time. Not just good. Wayy better man. I doubt if there's anyone who can replace him. People who doesn't know him better xkan tau cmne cara dia bekerja. For that few months, semua orang stress, penat bagai nak rak but nevertheless we enjoyed the outcome. People liked the theatre. People liked the dances. It was a success. Our efforts are worthwhile. (Betul ke ayat nie? *garu kepala jap*) Kudos to him, the project director :) Without his support, this will go nowhere. So, a challenge to MFest 2011; can we maintain or make it even better?

I like this spoof; he's a good photographer :) This is taken during one of the photo shoots to promote the 2010 MFest. Tengoklaa, he's another good example of pemimpin berjiwa rakyat. Dye boss, dye gak jadi kuli bwat keje. Hahaha. Kidding. Tuu laa, ko suro ak merapik banyak sangat sal ko. Ambik ko. Hahahhaa.

My first year; yes, I was innocent that time. Skati die jekk nak bwt cmtu kan? Hahaha. But wait, take a look at the next picture.

Tengok, lpas stahun ponn dye masih bdendam ngan aku. Only now you know the real Azar. Hahaha. Kidding. I enjoyed hanging out with these people. You don't have to pretend to be somebody; they make you feel like you're somebody. Later after Azar and his comrades gone back for good, I wonder what will happen to this society next. *long sigh*

Don't walk in front of me, I may not follow,
Don't walk behind me, I may not lead,
But walk beside me and be my friends. :)

Hahaha. Okkelaa. I have nothing to say anymore. We wish you good luck and all the best in ur future undertakings, no matter where you will be placed after you finish your practicum (do let us know!), and lu jangan brani nak buang member2 lu bai... hahahah~ That's all folks. Penat aku merepek sal dye nie. Chalooo...

p/s: akhirnya saya berjaya 'buli' dye balik :) Nie laa buktinya.. Thnks Zue for the pic :) Sori ambik tanpa kebenaran..wakakaka XD

p/s 2: tgklaa snyuman sinis dye tuu. snyuman pembuli seyh.. hahaha. edehh... i'll be missing all the crappings when he's returning to IPBA soon :(

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  1. dannyism Says:

    tell u smthg, u both look like siblings! gosh!

  2. owh..tidak, tidak sma sekali isz mummyku sayang..hahaha~