aurelia alviana Fedora
I have decided.

I won't hate you anymore. It's useless.
We used to be close once, but because of small matters, we parted afar and we stopped greeting each other.
I like it that way, since you hurt me so much.
Yet, I never wanted to hurt you back, because I still treasure you as a friend.
Things will never be the same, babe. Things will never be the same.
From this point onwards, my life and your life, we will lead a different way.
I won't say that I won't put my trust on you since I still want to treasure you as a friend.
After all, a friend is not a friend if there's not bond of trust between both.
But, we will never be as close as before.
We will never be. I have learned my lesson.
Still, I hope we still can be friends, and I hope you learned your lesson.
That is my prayer for you this coming Christmas.
May this Advent season brings shine into your life so that you are able to reflect back the friendship we once had.
See, I am still a good friend.
Am I? Or is it I am the one changing into a devil?
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