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The date. :P Let it be a secret. A sweet escape :) I packed. I glanced for the last time in my room; I can’t sleep. I chatted with Azar until four in the morning. While watching Charmed, of course. Grunting at times for facing the sufferings of packing stuffs last minute – serves me right that I did not pack earlier when I watched Peydot pack her belongings. I don’t really mind. All I want to do when I get home is to have all the fun in the world – and of course, no work. I hate works when I am on breaks. Drive me nuts. *sigh*

Azar promised to accompany me to the train station. Well, I couldn’t say no since I did not say goodbye to anyone. I bumped into Ide and Hafiz Rahman when I was about to lock my house. No one’s in the house. Super creepy man... 5.30pm. I waited for Shidi. Probably he’s still sleeping. Hey, don’t blame me. I did leave a message in his Skype. Wait. And wait. He did not show up. And the rain started to fall. Man, I hate rain in Plymouth.

We talked and laughed and reminisced over many things. Kind of sad since Azar will be leaving us this coming December – he’s returning to Malaysia for good. Wish you the best of luck, Azar. I’ll miss your poyo-ness. Hahahaa. I can imagine by the time they leave, I’ll probably cry. Hush, Baby. Hush. No cries. Friends will always remain friends if you are really sincere and true in your friendship. At times I do regret...for not being truthful in my friendship. For example, with Yna (not real name). Yes, until now, I regret what happens between both of us. She would totally be pissing me off by now. Sorry, Yna. Gomen. Well, things change, and I have changed. But nothing can change the past. Therefore, for this I will never look back.

By the time I am typing this entry, it’s half past ten and I am in the train heading to London. Azar may have accompanied me to the train station only, but from the train station, I must continue on my own. Sometimes in life, not everything has to be done with friends by your side. There are times you have to face the challenge on your own.  *pissed off since this is a totally arse-hole long journey*

To be continued...
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  1. azarsyafiq Says:

    ishk2..entry plg sedey aku pnah bace kt blog org..ishk2..

  2. merapu ja kau tk al...perhhh

  3. nick: sapa ckp? ini kisah benar tauk x...adehh =='