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Ahh, it's obvious that I get bored easily with my blog look. Therefore, TADAAAA!!! Again, for the I-don't-know-how-many-times-I've-changed-the-blog-look times, I have changed it again. Notice the repetition? So not me. Duhh.

By the way, I'll be having my ATL quiz tomorrow (Monday, 29th November 2010). Sounds cool, huh? Yeah, cool it is. It's way COOLer when I haven't revised any of the ELT methods. Damnit. No worries. I still have time until tonight. Not when I suddenly realised...oh-emm-gee, I have to complete my Frankenstein vewy sooon!!!! I'm so gonna be sayur by this Friday =='

That's how a student's life suppose to be. Full of academical commitment. Is it? Life of a second-year overseas teacher trainee, what do you expect? Please expect the least when your guesses are 1) ouh..haha..mestilaa dia lenggang kangkung sebab dia belajar overseas :P or 2) misti dia banyak berjalan kan? dapat p tinguk itu ManU main d old trafford sana.. for God's sake, am I that rich until I have loads and loads of monaaayyyy to go and walk around the whole world? Please, don't be surprise people. The money's provided suffice our daily needs a.k.a food, but NOT our desires. Now only you know the life of people studying overseas, eyh? Unless you have parents who can give you £1000 for two months, please don't ever dream of spending the money lavishly a.k.a skati mak bapak korg. And and and, for those people whose parents are super duper duit melimpah ruah, please don't take the government's scholarship. There are other people who need it more than you do. *mode: perosak bahasa :P*

Oww ya, before I forgot, this post is not meant to condemn anyone as this is just a 2 cents of mine. No hard feelings. Or, should I voice this out to the government so that they can consider of giving away scholarships in the future? Hahaha. Crazy me :P
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