aurelia alviana Fedora
There are thousands of words which I can use to describe my present feelings, but I wish to use those three words (the title of the post) instead since that's the only phrase that pictures my present feelings. You know why?

1. You. Yes, you. You know that I am super duper hyper and furiously mad at you and yet you did not apologise to me. Ape, takut ke? As if I eat people; as if I am a cannibal. Oh yes, I am a cannibal. Duhh, what's done is done. I don't eff-ing care anymore. From that moment onwards, I did tell myself that I wish not to be involved in your matters anymore, and now I am going to repeat what has been said earlier. I AM NOT GOING TO BOTHER WHAT IS GOING ON; I just want to be at ease by myself. Yes, I may not be as outstanding as you, (mind you, I can be more outstanding than you), but don't think that I am a total idiot that does not know what's going on around me. Don't think that I don't even know the tricks you are trying to play behind me. I keep spare eyes, just so you know. So, hands off please. I don't want you to dirty my territory with your filthy hands. Hahhaa~

2. I guess that this one I better keep this to myself... since it's just a small matter. Learn to control your temper babe. You're 21 now. Hahah~

Why on earth there must be idiots and hypocrites straying and polluting the beauty of human goodness and empathy?? (what thehell am I crapping now??) Oh God... I need to sleep now. All that's good and well, till we meet again in the next crappy post. Hahhha~
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