aurelia alviana Fedora

I guess that you all can answer by yourself by now. seriously guys, because of the price I don't really expect the service to be up to my expected standard (I don't simply mean to compare the service between this airline and well, MAS of course, but I can't help it!) but puhh-lizz laa...don't simply be mean to people! C'monlaa, what can you expect people to carry a bag that weigh 7 kilos only? And, and, and.. if you put other things in your laptop bag, then your bag is not considered as a laptop bag anymore? Be rational, people! Dahla baggage masuk kargo 15 kg je limit. Berbayar pulak tuu. What do you expect from your passangers, AirAsia people? Nama je low cost airline, tapi bayar cm mengalahkan MAS! Mangkuk hayun laa... *sigh*

I underwent all these troubles since I was in Stansted already. I thought that this happened in international flights only. Who knows that AirAsia had already changed their policy - and I am not aware of it?? Why did not I know about all these? *grunts* Hilang respek aku. Urgh...
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