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It's been a month since I came back home from UK. I enjoyed every single moment at home, in the bed especially. Makes me don't even want to think what I should do next after I woke up. Too lazy (the real excuse *evil grin*) and the room's being too comfy (the 'as always' lame excuse *the more evil grin*). Gomennasaiiii!!!! Seriously I can't believe that I abandoned my bloggie for i-don't-know-how-long-I-have-not-been-blogging weeks!!! And now I crave for sushi...ohh Sushi King!!!! (pls can someone get me a driver? I need to go to the Parkcity Mall now. I want Sushi King!) *don't bother the idiot crappings XD

I just don't even want to start the exciting part of the holidays here because if I ever have to start one, it will be endless since I don't want this excitement to end. You would never want to end one, trust me. It's just like the feelings of where you don't even want to lick your ice-cream until you finishes the cream and left the waffles aside. No harsh feelings, but if I ever to start one, I'll share with you guys. I truly will. Can't wait for the Raya week to come! It's not that we celebrate Raya, but everyone will be at home! It will be truly bliss for me! Geng, balik cepat! Jom lepak! Waterfront menanti! Hahahaha!!!!!

The worse part?? I don't even to start one. Let's just say that maybe I need to change my perception about the definition of 'being kind and warm-hearted to others'. Yeah, I need to change that, and I certainly will change that. It's just the matter of time. I've being exposed to too much examples of being too kind and yet I never realised that it worth the price and value of everything that surrounds me. And I need to change that. I REALLY, REALLY need to change that. The new academic year will be another starting point of the new me. And I do hope that the me in the past will not be the same like me in the future.

Tooo much crappings. It's 5.10am in Malaysia. I need to get back into the bed. Sleep well folks. I'll see you all when I see you. Cheers :)
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