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Today, I pass up my assignment. Yess. I like that. FREEDOM AT LAST!

Today, I am feverish. Serves me right for running under the rain. Blame the wind! Cmna jga mo pkai payung if angin btiup teda arah?? =.='

Starting from today, I'll be packing my belongings - yg mna sy nak bwa balik. Well, checklist...

  • passport [/]
  • train ticket [/]
  • barang2 utk org2 d rmh [ ]
  • my own belongings! p/s: jgn bwk baju bnyk sgt balik...hahahah~ [ ]
...erm,tu je kot. It's a pity I can't bring my guitar back home. Adesss =.='
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