aurelia alviana Fedora

I've been pushed and ignored and mocked and shouted at and you name it. I am that kind of person. Yes. And now I give up. Who am I? Why should I give up? I'm tired of pretending that nothing has happened. I'm tired of ignoring all the things that happen around me. I'm tired of thinking positively that everything would be
okay after I wake up the next morning when the fact is that everything is never okay. It IS never okay. I will never be okay.

Ramblings of a tormented soul. Yes, I am that tormented soul. The tormented soul that causes trouble to everyone. Run then, if you ever happen to see me. Fear me, for I will bring bad luck to you. Never back stab me, for I will stab you at the back in return. Be good to me, and I will be good to you. What have I done? You, useless people, are idiots. You think you are great? You think you are powerful enough? As if you come from another kingdom in another dimension that never exists. Mind you, I am better in imagining things than you. Bahh!!!!

I'm tired of crying. I'm tired of pouring out tears. I'm tired of cursing people. I'm tired of everything. Now, will you please leave me alone????
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