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It’s just seem to be pure luck when somebody you totally do not know helps you not only carrying your bag, but to show you what to do when you are totally worn out and yet you still haven’t reach your destination. It happened twice – first, at the train station...I wonder how that guy can see me having difficulties in carrying my bags. Second, upon reaching Liverpool Street Underground Station. Well, I thank God for that. Maybe God knows that I am alone, without anyone by my side. Thank you, Lord, for all the goodness that I have receive from You. You are truly great, a name above all names. Alleluia.

It’s 5.30am and I am in the airport right now. Seems great, huh? Yea, yea, yea. I wander non-stop, looking for a suitable spot where I can sit comfortable after a long night from Plymouth to London and straightaway to Stansted. Just great. At last, I found a spot, stopped my trolley, and sit peacefully until I dozed off, really dozing off until zzzz....

8.30am. AirAsia counter had just opened. Great! Checked in. Off to the toilet to tidy myself. Urgh. Better finish this fast. I need a rest. I need to clean myself! 10.30am. Off to the departure hall. Just about to enter when the guard stopped me and...

“You can only bring in one bag weighed 7 kilos.”

But the backpack is a computer bag.

“Looks to me it’s not a computer bag. It’s more than a computer bag. It is a bag. Can you please put that bag together on the scale?”

 =.=’ Lame. So, I just put my laptop bag.

“You have two bags weighed 22 kilos. You can only bring in one bag weighed 7 kilos.”

Dang! There goes my 40pounds! Bloody arse to that guard!

To be continued...
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