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 Hello peeps!

Hope it's not too late to wish you all a Merry Christmas '11 and a blessed and prosperous Happy New Year '12!!! I quite enjoyed myself during these celebrations, thanks :) Anyways, I think I need to cut this short since I'm gonna be super busy soon. Sorry peeps. Commitment matters.

Anyways, so as usual, recapping my 2011 memories :)

-Neysa's birthday! Happy birthday, budak!!
-modified my room :)

-going to CTK for Sunday mass. No more Cathedral. Hello Student Mass! And this is when I got to know the people from the Catholic Chaplaincy. :)
-A very big FARE YE WELL to Cohort 5 because they've just gone back for good. Time for us to embark our journey as 2nd years, and new MAM officers for some of us!!

-Chinese New Year! The second CNY celeb I'm away from home. Great. Nonetheless, I had a great time indeed.

-transforming into a bumble bee because I was super busy (read: assignment-ing and dance practice)
-joined the Music group!

Apart from that, I don't think I've done much this month. Moving onnn!!

March *my favourite month of all!!!*
-Malaysian Cultural Fiesta 2011 :)
-my BIRTHDAY!!!!

-Daddy's birthday! Happy birthday, big boss! :D
-Beba's birthday :)
-I got my Epiphone Dove!
-and this! THIS!!! XD
*the best part is IT'S WHITE!!!* 
-celebrated Good Friday and Easter the English way. Remember my post about the hot cross buns, people?

busy with work again, I guess. Nothing much going on. Wait, let me just waddle through my brain's mess. Ohoh!! I remember now! Madam Clara's visit!
the sleepover at madam clara's guest house. brilliant :) shall we do another one, guys? :D

-Makan-makan at View Pan Asia.
-The first Borneon meet up!!! Hello, Borneons across Europe!!!
remember my posts (this one and this one) on the weekend getaway? this is itttt!!!!
-Michelle's wedding :) Congratulations, Michelle and Ian! :)

-The Eurotrip!!!!
the famous Rialto!
-Hannah and Trev's wedding!! Congratulations, Hannah and Trev!

-Mumsie's birthday! Happy birthday, Mum!
 Apart from that, I don't think there are anything interesting going on in August. Perhaps another reason is that because everyone's busy with part-time jobs and yeah, it's summer break. :) And ohh yes, forgot about that. This  marks the end of my career as a weekend cleaner. I quit. :D

-Welcome back, hooligans! Summer break's over and we're no more 2nd Years! Hello, dissertation!
-Happy birthday, Ben and Faiz!
nice dinner + nice hang out with nice friends :)

-Bye, Torchie. Hello, Curvie.

*can we just skip this part of the story? T___T*

-Guy Fawkes Night! *the last Guy Fawkes Night celeb for us 3rd Years :(*
-Last Kongsi Raya Celebration. Yeah, Everything has almost come to its end now. :(

Last Christmas celeb here! With Han, Kate, Mim and the clans. Epic! Happening!
*this is what we do on Boxing Day. pretending we're asleep. haha*

And and and.... here's my New Year Resolution!!!!! 12 new resolutions because it's 2012 baby!!!
1. to concentrate more on my works and no more being a STRESSY JESSY!!
2. to get more presents on my birthday this year. :p
3. to be a much better person this year. no more temper tantrums and refer to no.1. :)
4. to stay YOUNG + PRETTY + BEAUTIFUL + GORGEOUS + INTELLIGENT + BRAINY foreverrr! *you wish girl :p*
5. to be a better financial manager. since I'm not working anymore now. pfftt. and again, refer to no.1.
6. less dancing. i wish, but some people know me better than i do.
7. to be a better guitarist + singer.
8. to leave England a happy person. No more sad memories. You know what I mean.
9. to bring my parents to the places I've been (certainly not Amsterdam though Amsterdam's my all time favourite. You know why, don't u?) and to the place they wanna go most - ROME!
10. LESS FOOD INTAKE. Yes, I manage to lose my weight but I want to lose more. And hell yes I'm gonna lose my weight before I'm back for good this June!
11. to meet all my family members and friends. Yes, I miss them a lot. :)
12. to finish my bachelor degree with a first class honours and *fingers crossed* good remarks for my dissertation. I don't hope for a distinction, but at least, I'm giving my best shot for the things I'm working on now. By God's willing, He certainly will ease my end journey. :)

Till then folks :)

notakaki: rasa homesick sekarang nie. nak balik T____T

...genuinely comes from my heart and my brain, not from anywhere else unless stated...
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  1. Beattrice Says:

    I'm gonna join ur num 10 ;P hehe

  2. haha! mari2! and looks like we need some planning to do :) balit cpat oii! haha!