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this is gonna be a total crapping from me. trust me. you would want to ignore this post, but if u still want to scroll down and read it all, please, help yourself.

The winter break has started. Therefore, I would like to make a deduction here that most 3rd years of BEds do not have the motivation to do their coursework. Try and ask around if there is anyone who is enthusiastic enough to be in front of their laptop without going to Youtube or Facebook. Believe me, the possibility of not doing that is ZILCH. ZERO. Even I myself can't force my cute little brain to work when it does not want to. Some kind of positive form of procrastination, rather than saying 'i'm actually lazy enough to do my work', which is more straightforward, but more...emm..negative, I would say.

And yes, I missed celebrating Christmas back home. What a bummer. You might think it's fun celebrating Christmas where the culture is originated from, but trust me, I feel more fun celebrating it back home. Okay, now I feel a bit homesick. Crap. I've missed celebrating Christmas with my family since the year 2009, the year when I first embarked my journey as a teacher trainee cum an overseas student on a foreign soil. It wasn't that bad, I must say. I had lots of fun meeting people and experiencing English cultures here, and wished I had started it wayyyyy earlier. This year, I'm going to celebrate my Christmas the English way lol! Yeah, you read me right. Haha. Kate and Hannah are inviting me to celebrate Christmas this year with their families, and so do Maria and her family. Even Barbara has invited be to visit her in Bavaria to celebrate Christmas with her family. Ohh, I feel so touched! And yet, I can't think of the excitement of celebrating Christmas when all I can think of is moolaahhhhhhss!!! I hate that topic. It's not that they want money in return, it's just me thinking of how to stock up the fridge, how to pay my phone bill, and yes, the super blood-choking accommodation fees really put me lifeless! What the hell Marjon people think when they raise the accommodation fee? I curse you, Marjon accommodation office!

Talking about the accommodation office, I suddenly remembered that I haven't fill in the whatever form it is that we're supposed to hand in hard copy to the office. Bloody hell. We never have to fill that form all these while. Why the heck they want us to fill that now? Bugger. Seriously, I need sort of enlightenment for this Christmas. My Christmas is dying of hope, blessings and prosperity. zzzzZZZZZzzzzzzzz. That kind of dying. Good Lord. What am I going to be? T____________T

Anyways, to all people out there, wishing you all a wonderful celebration of Christmas (unlike me *uhuk uhuk*) and a blessed and prosperous New Year 2012!!!! God bless xxx

notakaki: sambut Krismas bersama assignment dan keje2 dissy :(((((((((

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