aurelia alviana Fedora
Hello peeps :)

I just came back from Bristol last night, where we spent a night there, and Bath, where the actual event was held, and it was fabulous. It was the Borneo@Europe very first gathering, where we decided to gather all the Borneons (which apparently not all can make it due to various reasons, but we were there anyway :p) at Bath. Eventually they wanted to make it at the University of Bath, but for some reason they changed it to the Royal Victoria Park. Believe me, if I were given an option I would choose not to end the day. It was superb, memorable and indescribable.

Anyways, I am too tired at the moment to blog about everything that happened on that day. I'll blog about it more in the future. *pinky promise >.<* Till then, adios!

credits to Beba for this shot :) lovin it!

-nukilan al yang chantek ahakz :P-
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  1. best best best! lmk sik tmu si sam..

  2. hahaha...yalaa.xpa,klak tkrg temu jwk rah kch ya.ehehe.