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This is one post which I've been saying that I wanted to brag about but well, blame my hectic state for that. Lols. rerember my post about my weekend getaway to Bath and Bristol? Well, this is the continuation story lols. Sorry peeps for keeping it too long. As I've said earlier, blame my hectic-ness lols :)

Well, we stayed in Bristol, at YHA to be precise. We tried to find accommodation in Bath, but eventually all the hotels are full, and we're quite fortunate to find accommodation in Bristol. Not too bad eyh? But when I googled for accommodation in Bath, I managed to find it, and yes, we've booked the one in Bristol days earlier. Damnit. Anyway, the accommodation was not too bad, to be honest. We only stayed for one night, so it wasn't that bad, that's all I could say.

We reached Bristol, left our bags at the hostel and headed towards the train station to catch a train to Bath (after some time of getting ourselves lost in the city of Bristol hahaha!!). It took us not too long to reach Bath and we strolled to see the uniqueness of the city. It's unique, I must say. Too bad that we need to pay if we wish to enter the Roman Bath. Pfftt. We got ourselves lost again when we're about to head to the gathering venue. Yeap, you read me right. We had fun getting lost on this day woohoo!

Guess what, the fun part is that 15 of us ate nearly 13kgs of BBQ chicken wings! This is madness! Who cares anyway? We had lots of fun starting the fire for the BBQ (yayy I'm the hero of the day! *mode: perasan kejap*), eating chicken wings, umai (ohh I so missed eating this!!!), lamb, and fish (until today I don't even know what fish did they buy for the gathering lols), playing frisbee, went to their house and had a singing session, bla...bla..bla...that was among the sweetest memories I ever had. Borneons, let's have another gathering soonnnnn!!!!

Anyways guys, I won't talk much, so if u guys wanna know more just scroll down and have a look at the pictures we took on that day. Ciao :)

that was during the attempt to start the fire

me. violence. haha. not my type. :)

hello Borneons! *wishing there were Borneons attending this event. the more, the merrier :)*

-nukilan al yang chantek ahakz :P-
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