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Soz people,

I am uber excited to brag here about my new BIRTHDAY wishlist ohh yes!!!

1. To have a  party with toga dress theme. Yes, in my dreams. Hahah.
let's be Roman for a day hell yesss!!!!

2. My next birthday will be on Saturday. You know what I want. Hahahah~

3. Somebody *pls pls pls!!!!* play this song on my birthday, pls??? *Puss's eyes :p*

*N Sync - Happy Birthday*

And yes, ladies and gentlemen!! *drum rolls*...tadaa! This is what I'm expecting to get this year :) I won't expect anything expensive this year as I already had a SUPER EXPENSIVE one last year. *you do knw what I got for my birthday last year, don't u?*

Right, this is it.

a) a 3D jigsaw :)

b) new heels! *I have this sneaky, sneaky feeling that actually my sis did buy me one for my 21st birthday. Can't remember. Whatever. I want a new one!*

*the exact one that i really, really want :D*

c) perfume!!! *for the past 30mins I've been roaming hopelessly on the net and TADAA! found it at lasttt!!*

Very Irrésistible Givenchy L`Intense :)

d) Okay, I know I have tonnes of them right now, but I really, really one!!!

*of course, a teddy bear!*

e)  I'm a girl by nature. By all means, I can't escape from wanting these stuffs although I have heck loads of them :D

*earrings, of course!*

*...and bangles and bracelets :D i love 'em*

*...and anklets!*

*...although I might say I have a preference over this one, but any anklets will do :)*

I think this is all for now. I've been uber hopeless with my dissertation and yet have all the time in the world doing this nonsensical stuffs pfft. Right. Now, back to work. This is not over. Still have two more months before my birthday, therefore there is a very high possibility that I will add more stuffs *muehehehee* Yarp. Will update this soon. Ciao :)

...genuinely comes from my heart and my brain, not from anywhere else unless stated...
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