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Hello peeps :) It was superb despite several obstacles which pollutes my eyes. 1) just let me and those who may concern knows. None of your business. Period. 2) can't think of any reason to why I come up with such statement. Lalala~

Well, I just came back from my vacation :) a 6 days trip to Nottingham-Manchester-Newcastle-Edinburgh-Glasgow-London-straightaway back to Plymouth. Tiring, but awesome. A total random awesome-ness. Hahah. So, pardon me for abandoning this blog for quite some time. And yes, I noticed that my language is sucker and sucker each day. Urgh. Is this the way an English teacher speaks? Reminder to self: no worries. I am talking about myself, not others. So let them say anything they want. Don't bother the mulut tempayans. Hahah. Crap.

We also had our very first Christmas open house, here in Plymouth. mark my word, our VERY FIRST CHRISTMAS OPEN HOUSE. Yea, coz last year I spent my Christmas in a hotel room with few babes *konon nak rasa Christmas kat London padahal hampeh. huh. meriah lagi xmas kat msia* Thanks for those who came that day, your presence makes us feel less homesick :) I do admit that I feel homesick that day :( I miss celebrating Christmas with my dearie cuzzies and sisters, fooling around and making merry... I will be back there soon. But not now :) For those who can't make it, no big deal peeps :) We'll do again some other time k?

Ahh, penat penat. Penat travel, penat layan orang. Now I need to fix my biological clock and have some rest. Till the next entry, chaloo people :) xx

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year people :)
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