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Ehemm...the title actually doesnt reflect what I'm going to say, but still, due to the I-dont-even-know-why-the-Internet-is-so-sial condition of the Firefox, so I've decided to combine evrything in this post. Might be a bit longer than the usual post, but I'll try to keep it simple. I pwomise!!! LOLS :P

1. March 29th, 2010 - The first day I started working as a relief cleaner. Work at last! But only for two weeks *sigh* okaylaa. At least I have a temporary job before I search for my own part time job laa kan.. fulusss!!! Durh... My experience? Tiring because hafta cycle naik bukit! But it's worth the experience! Hopefully by the time I finish my period as a relief cleaner, I am able to lose weight as much as I can! Chaiyok!

2. March 31st, 2010 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALVIANA!!!! Wanna say cilakak! but I really appreciate my friends' efforts in tricking me for the surprise birthday party. LOLs! thanks as well to my sayang *ngee~~* because he did not forget my birthday at all..haha.. Thanks as well to my family because of taking care of me until now *21 years ody lorr...BIG thanks 2 mummy and daddy!!!* thanks to Azar for the song, I like it very much :) one of my best prezzies this yr LOLs :) and BIG thanks as well to Clare, Beba, Imma, Ben, Fong, Arvin and David for the food :D I likey2 was really2 marvellous... I want another one for next year! LOLs..kidding kawan :) ngee~

3. April 2nd, 2010 - Blessed Good Friday everyone! Punya lamak dia punya veneration of the cross cni. Orang tua banyak, jadi traffic pace pun slow. Hafta bear wif it la. Sampai mengantuk jadi. Tempted to eat DAGING! Sabar.. Easter is around the corner...puasa2 :P LOLs...enuflaa...banyak sgt ketawa dh tuu :P

I think I better stop here. Assignment menanti. Melambak tuu!!! Till then, cheers~
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  1. Beattrice Says:

    cilakak??ahhahahah! padan muka..pakai bj tido gik ya..padahal org mok polah surprised bday party.kahkahkah! gotcha!

  2. hah...korg laa ya...sbr jak ku..hahahah!!!anyway, BIG thanx 2 all..hahaha :))