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I am tired. Just got back from work, perhaps one hour ago?? Yupp, about one hour ago. The clock struck 0023 when I type this entry. *My hand aches! I need some rest!* Pff... Still, that doesn't mean that I am stopping at anywhere in this entry of mine. Gahh! Aja2 fighting! *My hand aches T___T*

1. Twilight : New Moon

Gahaha. I so de very like this movie. I just don't even know why, in the first saga I liked Robert Pattinson the most, but in this movie suddenly my eyes turned to TAYLOR LAUTNER! Yaww :) Hehehe.. Six-packed body, who doesnt want it anyway? Anyways, that is not what I wanted to comment here. I just so loved how the story goes. It's just's a pity there are too many cut scenes if compared to what it has been told in the novel. Can't wait to see Taylor Lautner in the next saga :) and will Bella Swan turn into a vampire? Check it out yo!

2. Avatar

Gahaha... (sly smile drawn on the face) FYI, I watched this movie thrice...IN TWO NIGHTS! *woii, org buat assgnment ko p tengok movie aarr...gilos..hahaha* I really, really admire the characters Jack Sully and Natiri anyway... *or is it Neytiri? Whatever the spelling is...I don't give a damn anyway* Anyway, I really love the 3d graphic of this story yo :) it was nicely done. How I wish I can also stay at Pandora...being one like Natiri...yesh, flying the ikran *a dragon, I guess* well as seeing Jack fly the toruk, which makes him the 'Toruk Maktou' or the 'Rider of the Last Shadow'...yezza... and I wondered how long did Zoe Saldana and Sam Worthington learn how to speak those weird languages? Hahahah! Anyway, good job guys... two thumbs up!

3. How to Train Your Dragon

Tehehehe. Just laugh for fun. Believe me, I like CARTOONS! Gahahah :) two thumbs up for animation makers :) Honestly, I havent finish watching this animation but I got a feeling that I will like this animation as how I like The Corpse Bride before :) Tim Burton, I want more animations! Hahahah *Laugh crazily* Oh my, I think my energy is really, really out this time. Can't laugh heartily like before. I need some sleep.

Oh gosh, how I wish I own a robot now to help me with my assignments...zZzZz...*faints*
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