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These few days, I seem to be returning to my old habit of drinking hot tea. I like the smell of the tea leaves being brewed, actually. I get used to these old habit of whenever I drink tea, I would never drink it on the spot. I would take about a second or so just to enjoy the smell of the brewed tea leaves in the cup. Hmmm... it's nice. By the way, I drank two different types of tea. The first tea was the Twinings Everyday Tea, and the other was the Lipton Tea. Malaysian tea, I should say. :) Honestly, I think I like Lipton Tea better. The theanine taste in the Lipton tea is just nice and not thick like the ones in the Twinings tea. well, different people have different opinions, right? I guess I'll bring some back and let my parents have a taste of the English tea. Wahahaa :))

Well, speaking about the theanine taste in the tea, I was curious when I happened to read about 'hirameki'. And at the back of the Lipton tea packaging, it says...'guide to prepare tea the hirameki way'. What is hirameki anyway?

**Hirameki is a Japanese word which brings the meaning of 'get inspired'. When you get stuck, you need to feel relax but alert so you can get hirameki.**

I just don't get it, but I think I feel more relaxed and calmer when drinking tea. Does that ring any bells? Hirameki??
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