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          Honestly, I am tired. Hell yes to that. 1. I have my CRI assignment that is meeting the deadline very soon. 2. I have another assignment to go; my DRAC06 assignment. [i that time my energy will surely be drained out...erm...not completely because I STILL HAVE MORE TASKS TO BE DONE.] 3. I just came back from work. And yes, today is my last day working there. I wish I am working part-time now. MONEY...T_____T 4. I am tired. That's all.

          I need something to chillax my mind. Puh-leez!!!! Well, let me check my so-called 'how to chillax ur mind' checklist. Scrolling...and scrolling down...TADAA!!! 1. WATCH MOVIE STREAMING ONLINE. Nah, not really working for me. I need ample time to chill out and get back to work! 2. HEART PLYMOUTH. Cross-out this one. Not in the mood to lend an ear to a radio. Urgh...typical Alviana. 3. GROOVESHARK. Urm...i'll consider that one. Next! 4. GUITAR STRUMMING. I'm giving up my guitar since I haven't complete my assignment. Hence, that one's outta league. Next! 5. DO NOTHING AND SLEEP. Hurrah. Brilliant idea. As if I can sleep without thinking about the assignment. Yeah, two thumbs up to this assignment for succeed in torturing my small cute brain. Urgh...

I am officially announcing that today I will be kacau-ing my sayang because I need someone to kacau!!! *Gone insane*..Urgh....

p/s: I gotta feeling...that tonight's gonna be a good night...*smirks*
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