aurelia alviana Fedora
I don't care anymore.
I don't give a damn about anything that hovers around me.
I don't care if people does not want to be at my side.
Just...leave me alone so that I can be at peace.

I just hate it when there are something that bothers my mind.
Not once, not twice, but most of the time.
Can't you get it? I'm sick of having to understand what I need to do to please others!

I laugh, doesn't mean that I ma happy.
I keep silent, doesn't mean I ignore.
I let go, doesn't mean that I don't keep it in my heart.
What, am I a manequin for you to be played at?
I am also HUMAN!!!!!
I do have my FEELINGS!!!!

p/s: this post has nothing to do with anyone. It's just based on my recent feelings. Blahhh,....
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