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I have lots and lots of courseworks to be completed in few days time. Completing thousands and thousands of words in a nick of time is equal to committing suicide and referring yourself to a mental hospital. Trust me, you won't like that kind of feeling. I was doing my work these few days, but I don't know why my work hasn't complete yet. Sorry hubby. Not that I am too lazy to do my work, (at least I have started it earlier) but I just don't know why. One of the vital reasons that I can see is procrastination. Moral of the story: Motivate yourself. I know this sounds impossible, but giving it a try is not a sin. Am I right?

Anyways, I've been looking for this one term for quite some time. This is the term when you do something else, for example, Facebook-ing or Youtube-ing while doing your work. Believe me, this really bugs my head until I couldn't concentrate on my work, and suddenly out of nowhere, on my bed in my room at Marjon, today, I got the word! It's OFF-TASKING! It's funny, yes, but it's true. I promise after this I'll continue doing my work. Pinkie promise!

Last Monday and Wednesday, we had a farewell BBQ for Rohan. I think he has landed safely in Mumbai. He'll have a four hours transit before continuing his journey back to Goa. Have a safe trip back home, Rohan. We'll miss you. And your 'Barbie' name. And your pink elephants! I'm gonna miss his presence sooon :(

Anyways, I'm gonna continue doing my work now. Toodles!

-nukilan al yang chantek ahakz :P-
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  1. dannyism Says:

    sape Rohan ni?? hurm? hurm?? hehehe :)

  2. xpa..sabar jak la..lak dah siap semua leh rehat-rehat..kita pernah lalui benda sama..cuma cara berbeza..nnt dah keja,baru la tau macam mana pentingnya blaja busy dari skarang..pecya la..ia berguna...gud luck sayang...

  3. mummy: yaii..he's a church member laa..ape daa mummy nih :P
    nick: tq syg...