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There are times that I feel that I'm such an idiot. I think that i AM one right now. I just feel like one.

Feeling utterly disappointed just because that your other half's suspecting you for something that you don't do is not the best episode in your relationship soap drama. Yes, it is INDEED a soap drama. You can be soapy at times, and you can hold your ego utterly high when both argues until you won't talk for days. Blergh. I experience that, but I never experience the latter part. It's not that we never argues, it's just that we resort to solutions quite quick. That's what makes me love him even more.

Yet, I just can't stand his suspicion; he thought that I was going out with a friend of mine, who's WAYY YOUNGER THAN ME. Idiot. I just don't know what's in his mind right now. I can't talk to him, I'm just too sad. So i spent the whole day doing whatevers (that's because I can't remember what I was doing the whole day) and Youtube-ing instead of doing my essay, which I had promised myself earlier that I am supposed to finish it by today. Too much of thinking going on right now. Blergh. Bummer.

And, I keep on listening to this song. It doesn't make my day any better, but at least I enjoyed it. Do click on the link to listen to it.

p/s: I'm sorry.. I'm not mad anymore. It's not that I don't want to talk. I just need some time to think.

-nukilan al yang chantek ahakz :P-
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    loves! remember last time i had been your counselor once regarding heart, relationship and love life? I know it is hard when faced this kinda of situation. It is hurt to know that our another part did not believe us. However, this is fair opinion from sis. Everything happen for reason. Why he suspected you? Ask him dear. maybe something had made that misunderstand? Do appreciate everybody around you. Sometimes as woman, look things more rationally and bigger minded. Sis always here for both of u. k? Loves u always...

  2. he's feeling insecure. he told me that. i was just too sad because we've been together for more than three years and he still can believe other people rather than believing me. i am okay right now, but i just need some more space. i need some space to be alone for some time.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    take your time! enjoy yourself! loves yourself! be strong! smile!